Wednesday, April 26, 2017

Nine months

Nine months and not a day goes by that I don't thank God for this baby girl.

At her appointment today (a week late) she weighed 18 pounds 13 ounces and was 29 inches long. That's 47th percentile and 91st percentile. She is tall! The brothers all weighed more than her at their 6 month checkups.

She looks like us more and more. Isn't that funny that I would say that? But after four boys, I wondered what a girl would look like. She looks like a Richards baby. And do you see her painted toenails? I am getting better at it - they are so tiny!

Runner-up monthly picture

 Behind the scenes. JB sits her down and says "HI!" and she gives him the biggest smile every time.

Here she is in her Easter dress. This dress was made by my cousins in California, who own an Etsy shop called Little Dainty Darlings. My brother Joe requested a most girly, fluffy, pretty dress for me and I LOVE it.  She got so many compliments and remarks on Sunday at church!

They also made the bow, which is bigger than I usually put on my girl, but we go all out for Easter.  Speaking of big bows, I got one from my friend Andrea from high school that goes with her St Louis Cardinals outfit. It now fits just in time for the beginning of baseball season.

I posted pictures on Facebook of her smiling and crawling around in this outfit. I think she was just mad that I kept laying her on the carpet for the picture. This girl likes to be on the move all the time. And standing. She now wants to pull up on everything, and her newest trick in the last week is to let go with one or both hands. Too soon, baby! You don't have the balance!

Girlie likes to eat big people food more than baby food these days.

Like ribs at Joes Kansas City BBQ (she just sucked on it, all the meat was gone for choking concerns)

She gave up sucking on her two fingers sometime between her 7th and 8th month, and I'm bummed. One, it would be easier for her to fall asleep doing it. 2) it was so cute! But those 6 sharp teeth got in the way I suspect. She only bit me once so far while nursing, cross your fingers.

We are constantly on the lookout for little bits of paper, because she likes to put those in her mouth. And Legos.  It is a years-long situation at our house, as in this post with Baby James.

Some more pictures here at the end.

(Daddy selfie game is strong)

(Cub Scout pack meeting. James the photog)

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