Monday, December 30, 2013

Sports and stuff

Earlier this month I was given two Jazz tickets -- in the SUITE! Sweet. But it was the same night that JB had two tickets to the BYU-U of U basketball game. So, we divided and conquered.

Benny and baby James came with me.

And Max went with JB.

And Andrew got a babysitter all to himself for the evening.  He loved the attention, and the other boys loved the games they went to. Benny couldn't believe the food in the suite. I've ruined the upper bowl for him from now on.  And Max told me he was cheering for both the Cougs and the Utes....but the Ute fans were louder. It was their house, after all.

Oh, and JB just found this picture in his computer from the Ute fan fest a few months ago. That bird is holding my baby.

He years ago jokingly told me that our girls could be BYU fans.'s just me.

Friday, December 27, 2013


In the days since Christmas I've heard a lot of: "Mom, can you help me with my Legos/Rainbow Loom/Marble Track?" Or, "Come see this, Mom!" and "Can we go up to the church gym and race our cars?" And we've been wiping a lot of noses.

 It's been a nice time to poke around the house in jammies and enjoy creating and playing and watching Harry Potter (Santa brought all 8 movies -- I heard he found them for a great deal on Amazon several months ago).

It's not all peaceful; these halcyon days have also come with plenty of  "MOOOOMMMM! Andrew did ___" and several squabbles between the older boys, but that's to be expected.

Sweet Baby James had his first taste of Christmas wrapping paper and he loved it.

The marble track.

Mittens I made for JB. He's a ham. (And we've had plenty of ham. One we bought, and one someone brought us.)

Max's remote controlled car. He has been so (im)patient with this. He suspected he was getting one from us after Benny got one for his birthday. He had the wiggles waiting for it....but it had troubles. So the next day it was exchanged for another one, which then also had to charge 8 hours....and finally he got to play with it.

Sweet Andrew was content with a few new Lightening McQueen toys and the marble track whenever he could get his sticky fingers on it.

(and my new boots make an appearance here on the left).

Max and Benny assembling Legos.

Me and my younger sister Rachel, who came up from Provo to spend the night with us. She gave me my new shirt below.  And she helped wrap some presents late on Christmas Eve, then was woken up early by four excited boys but she laughed it all off. She also left a lipstick kiss mark on the baby's tummy that I found later when changing him.

JB found this Utes jersey for Max. He's getting good at throwing up the U, though he still tells me he also cheers for BYU. My peacemaker.

We went up to Nona and Papa's house for Christmas dinner.  Do you think this wittle turkey  is delicious? He is. He also makes a great table centerpiece.

Max and Benny helped sew stuffed owls for their cousins. It was a lot of me hovering over them on the machine, saying, " turn...STOP! Now go....slowly SLOWLY..... gooooood GOOD!"

Oh yeah, and their new jammies from Nona and Papa that they got Christmas Eve. Andrew wore his for two three days. We bathed him, and he wanted Thomas right back on. He spilled something on them, and we just wiped it off. 

Cute faces, no?

Merry Christmas!

Andrew is 3

The week before Christmas our spunky, stubborn, sweet, singing, silly, stinky Andrew-boy turned 3.

And I should add sleepy. He fell asleep on the way to his birthday dinner.

We ate at Wingers downtown with a coupon JB had. Andrew chowed down. Sometimes he eats like a bird, other times he eats like his older brothers.

He blew out the birthday candle within a second of it appearing in front of him.

Then we went up to Nona and Papa's house where he got three Thomas the Tank Engine puzzles.
Nailed it.

I thought about getting him big boy underwear and beginning the potty-training process in earnest, but, since I hate potty-training, I'm wondering how long I can put this off. Besides, each additional child of mine I think is younger than they really are. Look at that face. He's still my baby Drewbers, right?

Friday, December 20, 2013

James turns 6 months

Our sweet baby James turned 6 months on the same day Benny turned 6 years old.

And he gained a new skill -- he can sit up! My mother-in-law calls it "getting a nice square bum."

His stats show he is our biggest baby.  At his appointment he was 20 pounds 5 ounces and 28 inches long. That's the 90th and 92nd percentiles.

Here's how the others measured at 6 months:

Max: 19 pounds 1 oz, 28.3 inches
Benny: 19 pounds 2 oz, 30 inches
Andrew: 18 pounds 9 oz, 27.75 inches

And I looked back at four months:

Max 16 lbs 8 oz,  26.9 inches
Benny 17 lbs 3 oz, 27.25 inches
Andrew 16 lbs 12 oz,  26.25 inches
James 17 lbs 15 oz, 26.5 inches

So James has been our roundest, but Benny the tallest as a baby.

Some things he likes to do -- grab anything we are holding, grab our faces and bite our chins, giggle at his brothers, roll to his tummy, roll to his side, chew on his fingers, and more. 
He's an ok sleeper at night. If it weren't for a terrible cough and cold he can't shake, I know he'd sleep a lot longer stretches.
He has two teeth on the bottom now. Sharp teeth.  He hasn't bitten me while nursing yet but he sure likes to gnaw on and bite anyone's hands. And he doesn't like solid food too much yet. We try him on a spoon or two of rice cereal at dinner time and he's like, "Meh."

Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Benny turns 6

JB likes to sing "Benjamino, Benjamino, Benjamino Benjamo!" to Ben. It's to the tune of the Bohemian Rhapsody, you know, the Galileo part? Anyhoo, our sweet, energetic, passionate, determined Bejmanino turned 6 last Friday.

He got a crown in school:

And Max was right there to help him open his new remote controlled car we gave him. 

Then on Saturday, we held a party. Benny's first friends party. Most likely his last.  We invited his primary class and a few from his kindergarten class and some neighbors, friends, and cousins. Every single child came. I think we had 20 kids in our little living room.

All the better to see my brother Joe show off some snakes and reptiles! This was awesome. Joe is so knowledgeable, and he has some cool-looking critters. The kids' eyes were huge.

This baby had big eyes, too. And a lot of drool on his shirt.

The kids watched Joe with rapt attention, because....wait for it....

He brought out this big guy!  It's HUGE! 12 feet long, and wrapped all around Joe.

I tried to make these cupcakes look like a snake coiled around.

Notice Max's face while Benny opens the presents. We have more video and pictures like this gem.

Every child got a chance to take a picture with the snake if they wanted to. I have been sending the pictures to their parents.  Here are three of my boys.

Notice how Andrew is hugging tight to Joe? He was more scared of the tortoise on the floor on the right, by Joe's knee. It meandered around the room during the party (one kid was about to ride it or drive it like a car before we stopped him). Andrew was scared it was going to come get him like a dog.

It was a wild and crazy afternoon that's for sure. I'm hearing from other moms that their kids loved it. Not everyone got close to the biggest snake, but almost all of them touched the smaller ball pythons and lizards and stuff. Big thanks to my brother! And a big happy birthday to our wild and crazy Benny.

Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Pete and Repeat Again

So many times I am reminded of Max and Benny when I look at Andrew and James. They are almost the same amount apart. Our middle boys are 3 years apart. But our first two, Max and Benny = 2 yrs 4 months,  and our last two, Andrew and James = 2 years 6 months apart.

I mean, look at this.  Top - Max and Benny in April, 2008, around the same ages as Andrew and James on the bottom last week.

It's uncanny!

Max and Benny in April 2008:

Andrew and James at about the same ages:
Both toddlers want to be right by the baby.
We've called Max and Benny "the boys" for years. It became "the boys" and "the baby" when Andrew was born. In fact that's what he calls them: "I'm going downstairs with the boys," he'll say.  Now it's the boys, Andrew, and the baby. But with all boys, will we just eventually call them the bigs and the littles? Then what, when they all get big?

Monday, December 2, 2013

Benny ballgame

JB coined the term "Benny ballgame" a while ago, perhaps when "ball! ball! ball!" was one of the things he would say the most as a toddler.  And when Benny was 2 years old, and therefore free admission, he would go with JB and Papa to Utah home football games (see this post for example).

Yesterday he got the chance to go with JB again.

Isn't he cute? He won that scarf, too. 

It was a beautiful day for a ballgame. Max and I switched back and forth between the Utes and Cougars games on the couch, while holding baby James and giving Andrew a quiet time (he watched "Cars" on my bed for the umpteenth time. Sometimes he falls asleep). 
We were glad to see two wins! Then the Cougs basketball team won that night, and Jazz had a rare win, too . It was a fun reading of the sports section of the newspaper the next morning -- Benny: "Max, I have good news! All of our teams won!"

Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Nom nom nom

I put a picture of James on Instagram recently, and a friend commented, "I will eat him." I see where she's coming from.

He's tasty. 

Now this picture below makes it look like James looovves tummy time and has a blast looking at and reaching for toys.  Not so. He either plops over to his back within 30 seconds, or squeals til he's picked up. 

And there's another reason he doesn't spend much time on the floor -- Andrew. Within a minute of James being placed on the floor, Andrew comes over and either:

a) tries to ride him like a pony

b) lays down RIGHT NEXT to him aka practically on top of him. "See mom, I'm pwaying wiff James!"

So we end up holding the baby a lot. But he's old enough now for the Exersaucer, and hangs out in there when we need both hands for something (like a deeper cleaning than just picking stuff up around the house with toes).

See Andrew lurking there? He cannot get enough of this baby brother.

Saturday, November 23, 2013

Stockton to Richards

John Stockton is a legend, and a favorite at our Jazz-obsessed house. And he never signs anything. Never does autographs. But he just wrote a book, and recently signed copies of it downtown.

Max and Benny got to go and meet him with JB.

JB now has a signed copy of the book, and he took his Stockton jersey and got it signed, too.

JB has had this jersey for probably 15 years. He has tried to get him to sign it a few times. Finally, success!

We like him so much, each time we found out we were having a boy I have teasingly/seriously thrown out the suggestion of Stockton of a middle name. Maybe our Benjamin John isn't really named after his father John Byron and grandfather John Robert, maybe he's really named after John Stockton!

Tuesday, November 19, 2013

5 months old

Dis widdle monster turned five months old on the 6th.

Dis widdle monster wuvs to smile and laugh and coo -- and squawk if he doesn't get his way.

Dis widdle boy's momma can't stop talking baby talk to him. And can't stop kissing him where his round soft cheek meets his neck.

Sweet baby James is lots of fun these days. He loves staring and smiling at his older brothers, and they love to talk and chatter at him. He sucks on his fingers and fists, and anyone else's fingers and fists if they put them near his mouth.

He grabs stuff now and rolls over constantly onto his back from his tummy, little stinker. He wakes up once or twice still at night to nurse but momma lets him -- and sometimes lets him sleep right next to her.

But he's getting very good at putting himself to sleep in his crib. Very good! But when he's so tired he gets crazy, we've found a good trick of putting him in his car seat and draping a blanket over it. Out he goes. He won't cuddle to sleep at all. He does the anti-hug of pushing back up off your shoulder.

He's so roly-poly I wish I could post pictures of his thighs and bum. Too chunky cute. I still put him in the front back but it just about kills my back. It's how we trick-or-treated:

And since I have a halloween picture of the littlest on here, might as well put some more of the olders. 

Max the doctor (he wanted to be a zombie doctor. Everyone else in third/fourth grade was some sort of zombie it seems. So that night I relented and did some face paint.)

Andrew (he called himself Pete's Dragon all night)

And Benny the baseball player. He also wanted to be a zombie so I used some of the same paint on him that night. What the heck.  Plus that was the day after the Cardinals lost in the World Series so I figured it would be fitting.

So, happy first Halloween to baby James a couple weeks later! And now every boy in my house is crowded around as I type this to ask about the pictures. Except baby James -- he's asleep in the crib. Thankfully this fourth boy is learning to sleep through a whole lot of noise.