Monday, November 29, 2010

At least JB was really nice about it.....

Fine, I'll post just a little bit about the BYU-Utah game, because JB's name is on this blog too. JB and his dad have U tickets together, but Feller was in Phoenix for Thanksgiving. So JB took Joe, his sister Sarah's husband. He goes to BYU's law school.

(In front of our house before heading to the stadium)

Then at the last minute Sarah got a ticket and got in too. I watched it on TV with my sisters while Max and Benny had their naptime/quiet time. Let's just say my hopes and dreams for a BYU win were blocked at the end. But I'm glad those at the game stayed warm -- it was 27 degrees or something.

Sunday, November 28, 2010

Busy busy

We've had a fun and busy week. Two of my sisters are staying with us for Thanksgiving and we have gone to movies, shopping, crafting, and more. There was also the BYU-Utah game (I don't want to talk about it), and lots and lots of snow.

My two little helpers like to shovel snow and scrape off the car.

That's Benny wearing his fireman boots over his feetsie jammies and another pair of pants and some basketball shorts over that.

We also dabbled in potty-training at the beginning of the week and had a great first day. Benny's prize is a Paul Millsap Jazz jersey hanging in our kitchen that he really really wants, and he was very gung ho last Sunday to put stickers on his chart. Then he gave up.

"I'm still a wittle (little) boy," he says, and he flat refuses to go anymore on his potty. You can't fight a toddler on things like these, they win. He turns 3 next week but we also have a new baby coming in a matter of weeks, so we may have to put it off for a while. Oh boys, what a joy to potty-train

Friday, November 19, 2010

Chicago Pictures

JB and his dad (Papa to my boys, "Feller" to JB), had a nice time together in Chicago last weekend. Of course they had to seek out the pizza. Here they are at Lou Malnati's.

Here they are in front of Soldier Field.

This is them at the U-Notre Dame game.

The first night they went to Gino's East, another pizzaria that has been featured on the Food Network.

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

A Long Weekend

JB and his dad (Papa) went to Chicago over the weekend. Oh, and they also went to the U of U-Notre Dame game in South Bend, but now I think they want to change the focus of their trip looking back. I'm just saying.

Anyway Max, Benny and I spent four days without daddy. I don't know how people go any longer than that. We missed him! I tried to have a highlight or new activity or something different every day, and that helped us get through.

Eating olives off fingertips.

A church activity in the morning, playing with Roger and Katie in the afternoon, then going to see my grandma and other relatives at a yummy potluck dinner at (I think) my mom's cousin's house.

Church by ourselves, but we are used to this. JB's calling on the Stake High Council means that just about every Sunday he has to go to another ward's meetings and sit on their stand. Looking all handsome I'm sure.

Then we had dinner at Nona's house, without Papa, but with cousins and Aunt Sarah and Uncle Joe. Then we had a sleepover there, so Nona could be with the boys while I went to work early early Monday morning. Max was excited that Nona was taking him to kindergarten. He either wanted to show her off, or show off our Honda Pilot that she drove that day.

Using a coupon for a free ice cream cone Max got at school for reading.

But we left his jacket there. I just about cried when I realized I would have to haul my (big, pregnant) weary bones back to Arctic Circle. But we made it.

JB got back around midnight, and the boys greeted him with rapture this morning. We missed his tickles, kisses, snuggles, and amazing dinners (see the olive picture above for my attempt at a meal). I also missed his standing-in as a punching bag for my two boys who suddenly LOVE "Kung Fu Panda."

Friday, November 12, 2010

Me on TV

See my pregnancy pinkish-hue and runaway bangs on TV! Oh, and my story about charter school funding. Watch the video, I'm on a few seconds after the ad.

The bangs fell over one eye right before they came to me. I should have pushed them back anyway. This is why I like the radio better.

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Two more items

My clothing
I do think an expectant tummy is darling, I really do. But you have to admit it's awkward to dress. My pants are turning into ankle pants/pedal pushers/high waders as I hoist them up over my belly. Or they are slung so low that the top of the pants does not meet the bottom of my shirts. I of course am blisffully unaware of this until I pass a full-length mirror during the day. From my vantage point looking down everything looks fine -- because I can't see below my tummy!

His birthday
I'm due on Dec 28, but at my last doctor's appointment my doctor suggested induction a week early. It's due in part to my history of having early bigger babies (about 8 1/2 pounds each. Max was 2 1/2 weeks early and Benny came 9 days early). But it could also be because of craziness of the season. What do you think? Do I take my chances of going into labor pre-Christmas, after Christmas, ON Christmas, or even after New Years, or do I go for being induced?

Sunday, November 7, 2010

Could I bend your ear for a tick?

I get a lot of questions lately about how I'm feeling, now that I'm just about 33 weeks pregnant. But I may just be misinterpreting the generic "Hi how are you?" greeting. I usually give a longer answer than the standard "I'm fine, how are you?"

I like to say a pregnant woman can always complain. Here's what my doctor says is fine to complain about (because there's not much to do about it!)

My Spituation
I'm still a free-flowing camel/llama/baseball player. But in the last two months I have found a great way to deal with all the extra spit. I chew on tiny pieces of mint gum all day long. I break a stick of gum into probably sixths or even smaller. Somehow the mint or the chewing either dries out my mouth or helps me swallow better. But it still wakes me up at night, and I have to sleep on a towel. I went to the dentist recently for a checkup, and wanted to take "Mr Thirsty" home with me.

It's mostly in the evenings and handled by Tums, but lately even the mornings have been fire-y. Milk helps then. Chocolate milk even better. But regular chocolate and I have broken up for the time being. "It's not you, it's me," I cried.

My right hip hurts. I like to slap it like Maria does on "The Sound of Music." You know, when she sits on the pine cone at the dinner table then blames rheumatism for jumping up in pain? My whole body pillow helps a lot at night. Unless JB accidentally steals it in his sleep. I love that pillow so much I want to name this baby after it.

A name
I went back and forth between two names for several months, but in the last 2 months or so we've really liked another name. All I'll say is that on the way to work this week, a James Taylor song came on the radio and this little guy started to really move. Either it's a message about his name or he was trying to tell his momma that "Winter spring summer or fall, all you got to do is call."

Despite the complaining, this stage is fun. I love to feel the kicks, wiggles and movements. I like the attention my tummy gets, and I can't wait to see this little guy in all his newborn sweetness.

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

U-Air Force

JB was invited to spend a quick weekend in Colorado Springs to visit two of his former mission companions.

One of them works for the Air Force football team, and JB was able to take a tour of campus, the locker room, and of course go to the game.

He had a great time, especially because the Utes held on to win the game.

Tuesday, November 2, 2010


Max had a costume party at school last Friday. JB took the dragon and Superman to school that morning.

On Saturday night we went trick-or-treating. We went early to escape most of the storm, but had some rain. Look at this little tail wagging down the sidewalk!

My cuties had certain houses they wanted to visit. I tried to go to more houses to say hi to them, but by the end of the night, I was carrying various capes, buckets, umbrellas and jackets plus baby#3, and I was ready to go home.

Max and Benny loved handing out the candy to others even more. They stood on the porch and beckoned to one and all: "Come here trick-or-treaters! We have candy at our house! We are having a sale on candy tonight!"

I would get up to see who was at the door and Max would scold me, "Sit down Mom, I got it. Your feet hurt." He also told me to relax. So I did!

JB had been invited to Colorado Springs that day for the Air Force-U of U football game. Pictures from that in the next post.