Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Go Coug...Utes?

Max and I went to Saturday's BYU-Colorado State Game together. He had to go to the bathroom twice, wanted a new treat from the concession stand every quarter, and said "Go Utes!" four times. So overall a success!

Whenever he cheered for the Utes I'd quickly look around at the shocked people around me, pat him on the head and say, "Ha ha, son, that's daddy's team! Here in this stadium we say Go Cougars." He did a great job at the game, although much of it was spent with me shading him from the sun and then carrying him across DT Field to our car when it was all over.

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Bike riding

I love this post about my friend's 4-year-old riding a bike, because it's a lot like my 4-year-old's attempts to learn the skill. After weeks of cajoling, bribing and coaxing Max to go around a corner without jumping off in fright, he seems to have mastered it.

Now we just need to get past his "one block and I'm done" attitude. I need some exercise, people! This is all because at a tall 50 pounds, Max spills out of his side of the double stroller and sinks it down to the sidewalk. "Creak, creak" here comes that family wheeling around their 7-year-old!

Thursday, September 17, 2009

One thing leads to another

I'm on my yearly Jane Austen kick. Last week I finished reading Sense and Sensibility, which meant I had to watch the movie again. I did so on Saturday and loved it all over again. Also loved the deleted scene where Edward (Hugh Grant) shly kisses Elinor (Emma Thompson).
But, this means I have to watch the other Sense and Sensibility now -- the one on last year's PBS Austen Marathon. I will be borrowing it from Suzanne soon.
This of course is not enough to satisfy my Austen craving. Now I must read Pride and Prejudice, then watch it -- the 2-week-long one and the Kiera Knightly one. My siblings don't like the Kiera Knightly one; I love it.
So where do I end it? Should I pick up Emma again? Or Persuasion? Those are really good books. They have two movies each, with their benefits. The blonde Emma and the blonde Captain Wentworth are my favorites. Then there's Mansfield Park ....
Maybe it's time to get back into Science Fiction.

Sunday, September 13, 2009

The Talk part 2

Remember in June 2008 when I had "the talk" with Max about not sitting on his baby brother? Well now see how the tables have turned.

This 30-pound, 21-month-old of mine is just a tornado of terror sometimes. He'll tackle, hit, bite, kick and roll on Max. Most of the time it's in fun. But sometimes his wrath is kindled by a stolen toy. I honestly don't know how he learns some of these wrestling moves. Thankfully Max is my gentle giant and won't use his full 50-pound power back.

Also in reference to the title of this post, JB gave a talk today in our church's semi-annual Stake Conference. He did so great. While he sat on the stand I was blessed for the 2 hour long meeting with the help of J&K&R, who had tons of snacks, markers, and patience.

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Let that be a lesson to you

My project ever since my birthday in late July, has been putting the last 3 years of pictures into our albums. We had them all on CDs but just got behind. Way behind.

I'm not talking scrapbooking, all you creative ladies out there -- just putting the pictures in regular old sleeves in a book. It's been daunting, but full of memories (and lots of referring to my journal or this blog for the dates of some events).

Among some of the pictures, I found a younger Max:

A chubbier baby Benny:

And me interviewing then-Governor Olene Walker:

I now resolve never to get this far behind again.

Saturday, September 5, 2009


Max started preschool this week and he loves it. Parents were there the first day but the teacher said the parent could leave if the child appeared fine, and Max was totally fine. This is in contrast to one of my earliest memories -- sitting cross-legged on the floor with other children but constantly looking over my shoulder to make sure my mom was still sitting behind me. I think she inched ever so slowly toward the door.

Max is excited about everything about preschool. After the second day, his teacher brightly told JB, "He is very verbal!" Bless preschool teachers for their patience.

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Camping with daddy

Last weekend was the annual Dads and Kids campout in our church. Good thing Max has a new buzzed haircut because JB says he and Benny just ran and ran and played and played until they dropped exhausted into the tent for bed. Max always is amazed when he stays up late because "It's dark outside!" He goes to bed at 7:30, which is usually still light.

Benny took this bat and the three balls from another family and held them all afternoon, evening, night, etc. JB had to take them home in our car then sneak them back over to our friends because Benny was so attached. I think he's going to play for the St. Louis Cardinals some day!

Here are the boys getting into the tent around 9:45 PM.
Look how darling they are asleep; Benny clutching night-night, Max with those lips.

These are my favorite pictures of the whole trip. JB says Benny was so confused when he woke up in a sleeping bag that be became quite grumpy as he tried to stretch, open his eyes and wiggle out.

JB was the dad with the youngest child there (the next youngest is 1 1/2 months older). This meant I was able to clean the house, go to dinner and go to a movie with the ladies. But I was very glad to see my boys again the next day.