Thursday, October 31, 2013

Happy Halloween

These four fellas would like to wish you a Happy Halloween.  And Sweet Baby James would like you to know that he was voted cutest baby costume at our church party on Saturday night.

Some of these boys maaaayyy have sneaked into our stash of halloween candy has their if you are coming by our house, we may have to turn out the lights early.  Just saying.

Sunday, October 27, 2013

Other family pictures

Looking through the pictures I found some others that are fun, too. Like several in a row of my 8-year-old Max, who is giving me a glimpse of the tall, handsome young man he will be in the future.

This is how Benny often smiles spontaneously, biting his lower lip.

This is my sweet baby, arms and hands going up in the air as he learns to control them (and you can see JB's arms holding him up under the blanket).

And this is Andrew's belly button.

Another appearance by Andrew's belly. This was also in the series of us trying to look natural. Baha. Bahahahahaha.

Shirt down and James happy again.

Max holding the baby. You know, looking through, Benny was pretty consistently smiling. A few have Max with a worried face, but he did a great job, too.

I like this one.

This one is also a possibility for the Christmas card. Snuggle time!

Saturday, October 26, 2013

He's so chubby, I'm gonna die

Feast your eyes on this delicious baby getting ready for a bath.

I can't stand it! Nom nom nom nom. I kiss him all the time.  And you can see in that shot how much hair he has going down the back of his neck.

Here you see his bedhead look. I love cuddling him in the mornings on the weekends; weekdays JB says he wakes up and often just wants to coo or smile or babble a bit.

It makes all those cranky first weeks so much more worth it to have such a happy baby now.

Max is a great holder. Baby James doesn't like his tummy for long, and likes to be held, preferably up and facing out.

By the way, can you see his shoes there? They are true vintage. Nona saves everything, and we benefit.

Gotta go, time for more squeezes. Sweeping the floor and the laundry will have to wait, he's too big now to hold in the frontpack for long while I do stuff around the house.  So I sit and kiss him.

Thursday, October 24, 2013

Our Four Sons

The amazing Katherine Wallin took our family pictures at the downtown library one Thursday evening in October. I thought she did such a great job with lighting and framing, and she was so cute with the boys --a stuffed animal on her head kept them very entertained!

These are our favorites of Max, Benny, Andrew and James, our four sons:

I love when people tell me how much they look alike, yet in the same breath will tell me they all have their own look.  Some say they all look like mini-JBs, then others tell me they can see a little bit of me in there. I like to claim Andrew. Maybe a little of Benny and James. The rest is all JB.  Ain't nothin wrong with that!

Monday, October 21, 2013

Sneak Peek

We got family pictures taken a few weeks ago. One of them is back already, though she's working on the others.

I'm in love.

Click on it and it should appear bigger for you, so you can see all my boys' sweet smiles and blue eyes and handsome faces.

I know.

Monday, October 14, 2013

A blessing and a baptism

 What a nice weekend -- packed with family and friends. A quick visit with my sister Rachel, my brother Joe & wife Susan & darling baby Kaylee, then the beautiful baptism of our friend Gracie on Saturday morning and early afternoon. 

On Sunday morning was the blessing of JB's sister Sarah and husband Joe's baby Kate. I drove to Idaho Saturday afternoon with three of my boys, while Benny had gone ahead with cousins (thank you again! He had fun, I had fewer fights in the car...though I missed him), and JB went to the victorious Utah football game with his dad, and drove up that night to meet us at the hotel. 

This baby loved the hotel pool. He splashed on my lap in the steps next to Andrew, both so dapper in their swim diapers (no, Andrew is NOT potty trained. No, I'm not even trying). Then baby James fell asleep in the towel poolside. 

These three shared one bed, at first.  They look so peaceful here, but it took some jostling ("He's on my night-night!" "I don't have room!" "Let's put Andrew in the middle so he doesn't fall off!") Then loud Andrew kept calling out in his sleep and bothering Benny or something, so in the middle of the night JB moved Benny in with me and the baby, and he went next to Andrew. 

I had asked JB, "Do you think we should bring the pack'n play for the baby?" And he just looked at me: "He's going to end up in bed next to you anyway." Haha, very true. I love to nurse in bed at night and snuggle my babies. 

Sunday was the blessing at church for sweet Kate. I loved her long white dress. She's such a good baby. We put her in between Phin and James again for a picture in her crib to show how they are growing. 

And we had all the Richards cousins on Sarah and Joe's couch for a picture. Babies holding babies!

They all smiled and no one screamed! We loved seeing their new home, too. We'll have to go again. 

Friday, October 11, 2013

Four months old

So, Sweet Baby James's four month photo shoot didn't go so well....

I think he thought the pumpkin was a bit much. But, to quote Doris Day, "He's my roly-poly baby, I'm satisfied! Yeah yeah roly poly." We are loving this little snort-a-snuffalofogus. That's what I call him when he has a cold and sounds like a little piglet. 

At his four month checkup, he weighed 17 pounds 14 ounces and was 26.5 inches long. She stretched out his chubby cankle. I don't think he's that long, but he's always curled up a big like a potato bug anyway. That's somewhere in the 90s for percentiles for height and weight.

Max had his 8 year checkup at the same time. Here they both are at the doctor's office with me:


By the way, Max is also off the charts. He weighs 75 pounds and is 56 inches tall (4'8). He's rapidly approaching some women I know!  I just know our boys are all going to be too tall for our basement and our kitchen table when they grow up.

Both boys are doing great, and meeting/exceeding milestones. James is figuring out how to grab things and shove them in his mouth. He rolls over, when we put him down that is. He likes to be held so he can see things better.  He also giggles and smiles a lot, and stares at the older boys.  Love him!

Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Ding dong, the bells are going to chime

Recently JB was asked to perform a wedding. He's clergy now, and can marry people! Exclamation points aside, it was a lovely morning and a sweet ceremony.


I loved the advice he gave: "Look for the good always in your partner...Find something everyday that makes them feel special."

It was a young man we know from church, Kyle, and his lovely bride Annie. They said they didn't want anything too long, and one of my favorite parts was when JB said, "This wasn't too bad, was it Kyle?"

Max and Benny came with me to watch.  It took place in the little White Chapel right across from the State Capitol Building.  We drive by the back of the Capitol every time we go to Nona and Papa's house, but the front is so gorgeous and imposing, the boys wanted to go see it.

On the day of the wedding I wanted to get back to the younger boys who were being watched by Nona and Papa, so we settled for outside.  Some day I'll take them inside for a tour. I've been inside numerous times on assignment for legislative sessions, interviews with the governor, etc, and I guess I take it for granted. 

Saturday, October 5, 2013

Dads and Kids campout

A couple weeks ago was our church's annual Dads and Kids Campout in the mountains.  The boys went right to the zipline first.

 This was Andrew's first year, and JB made sure he had fun, too.

The boy in the red shirt above is Jesse, our new neighbor and the boys' new good friend. He does not have a dad, so he went with our family.  They said he had fun! And he took the picture below.

Andrew loved the rocks, and this snowman toy he tried to keep from another boy.

Ice cream before bed.

It got cold that night. JB packed appropriately, but still ended up cuddling Andrew in the tent so he'd be warm enough. Love this face.

Baby James and I had the house and queen bed to ourselves, but were glad to see everyone the next day!

Wednesday, October 2, 2013

In good hands

I have been back at work for about 3-4 weeks now.  I remember this letter I wrote when Andrew was 3 months old and I went back to work. 

I feel the same way now --It's hard, and I miss my boys a lot. But I'm very glad that:

- they sleeping through a lot of the time I'm gone
- they can spend good time with daddy in the mornings
- the older boys are proud when their teachers tell them they heard their mom on the radio
-they are good friends with their dad. Andrew and James give him such good cuddles....and some sass.
-somehow between us we take care of the house & laundry (and JB is an excellent cook)
-Baby James takes pumped bottles when I'm not there, but is happy to nurse when I come back

Just look at this picture JB took yesterday. The boy isn't starving!

We have the same schedule -- don't call the house from 1-3 pm because it's QUIET time! Momma and the two youngers are napping, the two olders can have their TV time if not in school then.

Related to this, a lot of people ask me how it's going with JB now being a bishop.

"Do you and the kids ever see him?" they say.

The answer is, YES!

Thankfully his job as a mortgage loan officer is so flexible that he can be at home with the boys in the mornings, and can schedule things the way he needs in the afternoons.  He's such a good man. It's not easy all the time, but so far I think it's working for our family.