Thursday, June 19, 2014

Up to

1) I saw this picture on Sarah and Joe's blog and I realized I never wrote about it. Aren't these cousins cute? Incidentally, it mirrors Joe's family. Four boys then a girl. (Got anything for me, God? Hmmmm?)

We had the opportunity to take a quick trip to Idaho to visit JB's sister Sarah -- but really to see this cute Kate. I can't get over how fast she got to steppin'. My boys kept trying to get her to teach James to crawl, especially her trick of crawling to the dishwasher and sitting on the open door.

1.5) Then we went swimming with my brother Joe, wife Susan, and baby Kaylee on Memorial Day. Kaylee also crawls and she is also younger than James. But now he crawls on his hands and knees too, so the brothers have relaxed about his skills. We must spend more time playing with both these families.

2) My hair is getting long. On the way to James's birthday party I tried to  put it up in a bun without the aid of a good mirror. But despite 7 other pictures just like this one, I never got a good look at it.

3) Our daily after-dinner walk around the neighborhood continues. I was struck recently watching Max following JB. Matchy-matchy and I love it.

Max usually rides his bike, like Benny, but lately he has been complaining about his helmet. It's too broken/itchy/small/annoying/whatever, so if he won't wear it, he has to walk.

Three-year-old Andrew and baby James go in the double stroller. Eventually we will have to teach Andrew how to ride our iconic red trike, but then our walks will slow down again. And we could have a repeat of the last time we had a toddler trying to ride a bike. The neighbors must all still remember Benny screeching, "WAIT FOR ME, MAX! IT'S MY TURN TO BE THE LEADER!"

4) Our fridge went on the fritz last Friday. We spent all weekend with no cold food, so, we were basically pioneers.

While waiting for the tech to come on Saturday, I mentioned it to my neighbors to the north, and they just bustled right into the kitchen, moved the fridge and vacuumed all SORTS of gunk out of the coils underneath and behind, scrubbed the floor and walls behind it (so embarrassing), all while chatting away to each other and to me. I love this couple so much. They bustled out hoping that would do it, so I canceled the tech -- but that night it was still was a hot box of no-good. So the tech came Monday and Andrew has his cold sippy o'milk in hand again and all is right with the world.

Thursday, June 12, 2014

One year older, and wiser, too

Sweet Baby James is now one year old.

Isn't his hair fantastic? After his first haircut, we are now showing off those curls. Other babies be jealous.

We celebrated his birthday last Saturday at a park in Bountiful with his twinner cousin Phin (born a few days before him). I really hope these two boy babies grow up to be good friends. They are so darn cute together.  Here is some of the Richards family that was there:

We stripped down the babies for their smash cakes. James's was my carrot cake I make from scratch. I made his a basketball in honor of one of his first words.  He knew what to do.

We can now fill in the blanks on his chart, because he had his one year checkup this week.

-He is 24 pounds 1 ounce, 31.75 inches long.
-He has 8 teeth and is not afraid to use them ("Mom! James BIT me!").
-He can now finally crawl on his hands and knees, pull to standing, and even stand for the splittest of seconds without holding on.
-Claps all the time, babbles and says "Maaaa!" for Mom and for Max.
-Loves his older brothers, loves to nurse on demand, and loves to sleep right by his mom and dad.

After the picnic, we went swimming at the rec center nearby. I first washed off all the carrot cake from his folds and hair with the cold water at the park, and baby James loudly squawked his displeasure. But he loved the warm pool water. And the older boys had a great time swimming with cousins and aunts and uncles.

Thursday, June 5, 2014

Of cheeks, curls and words

One year ago this week I was going through contractions every night. Now I have a chunky, curly, curious, darling baby who is almost one year old!

You'll notice that is our bed he is sleeping on. I've done it again, just like when Andrew was a baby, I have created a co-sleeping monster.

I also apparently don't mind my babies eating rocks or wood chips.

(He's like, "What is this? Fugget about it!")

And now my boy says more words. For those not on Instagram, here is a video where Andrew and I prompt baby James to say his new word. It makes sense he would say "basketball" in this house of ours.

Wednesday, June 4, 2014

In Summer

"Sometimes I like to close my eyes, and imagine what it'll be like when summer does come." - Olaf

My bigger boys are now out of school for the summer, and they have mixed feelings about this. They loved their teachers this year. Here's Benny with his AM Kindergarten teacher:

And Max with his teacher who taught the 3rd/4th grade split class this year. Max did not get him again for fourth grade, he learned he has another male teacher so he's excited about that.

We are very grateful for their patience with our boys (Max maaaayyyy have been an interrupting talker at the beginning of the year) and how they would notice their strengths (Benny is very good at math, both boys are good readers).

Now we need to keep up that good work through the summer. I will still read every night with them, but I would love it if they would just pick up a book and find a cozy corner like I did growing up (and still like to do).

I know they have big plans to run wild with our neighborhood boys, but I also have a jar of suggestions if they come to me saying "I'm BOR-ed." They involve chores or making up math problems.

I imagine 3-year-old Andrew will want to tag along with whatever they are doing. This could be good, it could get problematic.  Just as long as I can still nap with the baby, that would be grrrreat. And if they could still go to bed at 7:30, that would also be ideal. Black-out window shades, here we come.