Thursday, April 28, 2016

Andrew soccer season 2

Andrew I think is growing more confident in his second season of soccer (here he is last spring)

He's no Benny-ball-game, who once scored 7 goals, but he is trying his best to run after the pack huddled around the ball, and he gives a kick when he can get one in the middle of the sea of shins.

Andrew is a sweetheart who really likes to socialize. He is often chatting with members of his own team or the other team on the field.  When he's sitting on the sidelines he likes to chat with his friend John (who has his arm around him in the picture above), and Andrew has been practicing holding John's baby brother.

Side note -- James is quickly becoming the same size as Andrew. He's only 5 or 6 pounds lighter and an inch or two shorter, while being 2 1/2 years younger.

Andrew was invited to a birthday party that overlaps one of his soccer games. He wants to go to the whole party (he loves this friend), and told me something like how he doesn't get to kick any goals anyway. I gave him a pep talk about not letting your team down once you have committed to it, but he could go to part of the party, don't worry.

This season is compressed into just a month or so, with games on Wednesday nights and Saturday afternoons.  It makes Wednesdays a juggle, with an occasional Ben baseball game plus scouts for the two older boys plus all of JB's bishop meetings and appointments. Saturdays can be busy, too. 

We are trying to give our boys opportunities, but can really only handle just one sport at a time for each of them. And Max said he was ok not doing anything this spring.  I think he was waiting for his basketball coach to let them know more about the plans he mentioned for a super league.

Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Basketball Benjamin

8-year-old Ben just finished another 6 week season of basketball.

It feels like the hoops were higher and the court bigger this time, and he did really well with the challenge of often playing 3/4 grade teams. Though he did lose badly a few times and that stung.

Games were on Saturday mornings or early afternoons, with practice on Tuesday evenings.  He played with his friends Mitchell and Jonah. Here are the three amigos: "Coach, put me in!"  We like this coach, we have been with him for a long time.

Ben often told me that he and his friends were the best players on the team.  His father and Mitchell's father would argue that their boys are ball-hogs who ought to pass the ball more and go for layups instead of long shots. Just trying to inspire.

Their conversations in the back seat carpooling to practice were absolutely the best. They often wove around the subjects of basketball, Legos, Star Wars, and politics -- and the subjects inter-mingled.

For example:

Ben: "Did you see that shot Steph Curry made from half-court?"

Jonah: "He's the best."

Mitchell (wearing a Curry jersey): "I think it's pronounced with a soft C. That's what my mom says. You know, not a hard C like a K. Like John Kerry. I don't know who he is but I have heard his name."

Me: "John Kerry is our secretary of state."

All: "Ohhhhh."

Another time they were discussing in serious tones the rumor in 2nd grade that Donald Trump would take away all Legos. I put that to rest.

Sunday, April 24, 2016

Of pictures and nesting and such

Nesting hit me hard earlier this pregnancy. Maybe because I know how weary and big I get at the end. And it will be hot at the end (this is not my first July baby rodeo). My mind is full of projects to get done.

One is pictures. I am finally caught up with the last load of pictures (2 years worth) that we printed at Costco, and now they are all in albums. From the big camera, little camera, JB's phone and my phone. They printed all in a jumble, so I had James's birth mixed in with the most recent for example. It took months of chipping away at the pile.

Speaking of pictures, my work has started to award a monthly MVP and take a picture at staff meetings. March was the first. I tried to put my hand on my pregnant belly and smile to make it obvious. Just looked like a tummy ache. This time I stood in the back right and tried a serious look:

I'm ready for that closeup, Mr DeMille:

Every time I look at it, I just giggle. Such fierceness.

The other main nesting project is The Big Room Switch.  We have four bedrooms - two up, two down. The babies have all slept across from us. When Baby Benny came along, Max and Ben shared (here's the post about easing that transition along. I think putting baby James in with Andrew went pretty smoothly. Our third boy is a great sleeper.) When Andrew came along, Max and Ben moved to the downstairs (see this post about how that move went). They were the same age as Andrew and James are now, but I'm not sure how this move will go.  Never-the-less, it must happen.

The plan is to have the room across from us be a baby girl nursery after hosting boys for 11 years.  But before I can decorate, first, we have to move Andrew and James into the spare room downstairs and into bigger beds than their current crib and toddler bed (James is 3 in June. He climbs out and into the crib when he pleases). Either another bunkbed, or the spare bed down there for Andrew and the toddler bed moved there for James.

Before that, we must move out of that room the printer, extra filing cabinets and sewing table and fabric/crafts stash. That will go into our large laundry room/storage room. But some of the storage has to come out of THERE first, to make room. So I've been hoisting boxes around, shuffling food storage, and trying to find a place for extra wedding gifts, spare shoes, clothes, basketball trading cards, the ice-cream maker, empty Mason jars, old paint (lots of paint) and on and on and on. All stuff we put in there when we moved in 12 years ago this summer.

So for now, a corner is filling up with the girly things I am slowly collecting again to put in a nursery. I gave away everything I had already, after finding out James was our fourth boy -- when I thought I would never have a girl (like in this post).

Anyone want some paint or Pyrex? Help a nesting 6 1/2 month pregnant woman along.

Monday, April 11, 2016

RIP, Spring Break

Rest in peace, Spring Break 2016, I hardly knew ye.

While others were posting fabulous beach/red rock/pool/fluffy clouds-and-unicorns pictures of their spring break trips, we spent most of the week at home.  It was rainy/snowy most of the week, and I was working mornings still, so the boys watched The Lego Brickumentary on Amazon Prime every day. Every day. They would pause it to run and try and create new creations. We didn't clean the downstairs floor every night because, futile.

My camera is full of pictures of their Lego city stuff, so I just picked three.

Max finished his snowboarding course the Friday before. He is getting so brave on the slopes and loved riding the bus up with his friend Andy.

One of the nicer afternoons of that week, we were invited to The Homestead Resort in Midway by some friends.

These froggy statues are everywhere.

It has a huge steamy, deep crater, full of people learning to scuba dive, and there's an indoor pool that we had all to ourselves. Cute Jamsey loved the goggles, and loved having strong Maxwell carry him all throughout the water, while I saw on the edge with water-shy Andrew. I keep vowing he will get swim lessons.

The Daltons were so nice -- they treated us to dinner and things from the gift shop. Check her out at GoAdventureMom by the way on Twitter and her website. She inspires me to be more adventurous with my boys.

Wednesday, April 6, 2016

March MADness

We were way into basketball this season. College and professional. The boys filled out March Madness brackets, and 5-year-old Andrew picked Buffalo to win it all because it sounded the coolest. They were all sad/mad/very bummed when the Utes were eliminated.

JB had U of U season tickets, and would take turns taking the big boys. This was a giveaway night.

I have not seen either of them wear these thingys since, by the way.

JB's dad scored great tickets to a Jazz game, and JB took Max with him that night. We are rooting for their playoff chances.

Then, our friends invited us on a date night with them to a Jazz game last week. This is the only picture I took, to show that we were sitting behind the pink ladies. They always make it on TV.

My two big boys will watch any basketball game, just like their dad. The two little boys will get grumpy about it and demand "Paw Patrol" any time the TV is on. Hence the other part of the "MADness" title of this post.

Tuesday, April 5, 2016

Scott and Kristina

We are so excited for JB's youngest brother Scott and his new wife Kristi. She is kind, funny, and has the energy to play hide-and-seek with my boys. So...perfection.

They got married on Good Friday at the Bountiful Temple. Waiting afterward outside:

There they are.

The wedding lunch was Cafe Rio at a nearby Stake Center, and the reception was at a beautiful location in Bountiful.  We tried to get a picture of our four boys all with their matching ties. James didn't want me to put him down by the others, and Andrew I believe was trying to keep his face smiling here?

One attempt:

 This one is the winner. Cheesy Andrew, handsome big boys, and James playing with his belly button.


Inside, we posed with the newlyweds.

And they tried to get a picture with all of the nieces and nephews. Look how good the babies Millicent and Harvey are in the back. In the front, great job by the rest of the cousins, except for that pair of legs in the corner. ...

Those legs belonged to James, who was noping out of the picture. Kate was, too, to give him some company.

Stick a fork in him, he was done with picture taking. 

Sitting to rest the pins. While sitting, I missed the frisbee toss and first dance, but did see the rehearsal dance and cake cutting.


A couple more of my handsome big boys.

JB and boys wore the matching ties again on Easter Sunday and it really looked like we planned ahead and did that ourselves, but really, we have Scott to thank for getting married. Congratulations!