Tuesday, October 30, 2012


Richards boys love firefighters. If we ever hear a siren or see flashing lights, it's stop what you are doing and look in awe. Then talk about it for five minutes.

Therefore, we were happy to see a local fire station hold an open house a few weeks ago.

They got to work the hose.

Get new hats.

And see several types of trucks.

Including an ambulance!

And the biggest ladder truck there. The boys' good friend Andy came along, and they modeled how tall the wheels are.

Andrew kept wanting to go back and drive the ambulance.

The aerial ladder demonstration and rescue from a second floor window was awesome.
We can never get enough of firefighters!

Saturday, October 27, 2012

To the zoo

I forgot to post this a month ago! When JB was in Arizona visiting his brother, the boys and I tried to stay busy each of the four days he was gone. We went to Thanksgiving Point with our friends the Gublers, we went to the Gateway Discovery Children's Museum, we went to McDonalds, we had a Build-n-Grow clinic at Lowe's, and we went to the zoo with my brother Joe and his wife Susan. They are lots of fun to go to the zoo with, for several reasons.

More helping arms:

Strong shoulders:

And a catching enthusiasm for animals.

Joe also brought his pet, Tortuga, to graze in our backyard during lunch. The boys LOVED him.

They really want a pet. Too bad I clean up enough poop around here to add to it!

Thursday, October 25, 2012

Running with the Utes

While Andrew and I were snacking and crafting with the ladies at church last night, the older boys were with Daddy meeting the Utes basketball team.

This guy put my babies in a headlock.

Free T-shirts and basketballs will make any Richards boy a fan for life. 

JB pumped up the basketballs, and when I tucked the boys in last night they had those T-shirts over their jammies and had their basketballs next to them in bed.

It made their beds quite crowded. They already had Legos in there, and two or three books each under their covers, too. They say they need the closet light on to keep away nightmares. I think they are using the light to keep playing and reading after bedtime.

Monday, October 22, 2012


Benny can't decide what he wants to be for Halloween.  I think he'd be a cute cowboy:

And Max can be....this thing:

Can you spot Uncle Joe among the faces below? 

Joe and Sarah were here from Idaho for the weekend and made great lasagna for Sunday dinner at the Richards. And we played games! I grew up playing card and board games with my siblings, and it has been fun in the past few years to play more games with JB's siblings and their spouses.  I always get grumpy though on Sunday evenings because I have to wake up so early the next morning and can't stay longer.

We loved seeing new baby Aaron again, too, last night at dinner. Benny pets him like a little kitten.  Max tells me how cute he is. Andrew doesn't notice him. I should probably stop calling Andrew "baby," too.  He's going to be two-years-old in December!

Wednesday, October 17, 2012


Our 7 year old

Max and Benny both had well-child checkups recently. Both are doing great, and got their flu shots and latest vaccinations.  Both are off the charts for height.  There's a growth line for 100th percentile that tracks to be 6'2 at adulthood. They are both above that line. 

Max's parent teacher conference went great last week.  His second-grade teacher says he's one of the top readers in his class, and he has responded by asking for longer chapter books. He's also doing well in math.

Max really needs to top asking for twins when it's his turn to pray in church. 

Our almost five-year-old

Benny remains obsessed with Legos, dinosaurs and superheroes.  But in preschool last week they discussed pirates, so that was a new big thing for a day or two. Oh, and then I found the first Harry Potter movie at the thrift store, and I've been reading the books at night to them. I caught him drawing a lightening scar on his forehead this week.

Benny gets an increased allowance if he can make it through the week without throwing a crying fit.  He fell off his bike and got a little scraped up, and asked me if crying after getting hurt counted.

Our 22-month-old

Andrew just talks and talks and talks these days, though we can't quite understand half his meaning. He's just so cute and serious. 

Andrew loves shoes. He wore the same blue sandals all summer, leading to a hilarious tan line. Now he has a pair of more-appropriate-for-fall shoes he wants to wear all the time, but without socks. He rips the socks off and throws them in disgust.

We think Andrew is going to be left-handed. He favors that hand more when eating and coloring. He'll be just like his daddy, grandma, and uncle.

Andrew likes to climb up on the table to eat snacks when the brothers are eating snacks, or to color when they are coloring. He just lays on his tummy and kicks his feet. Again, cute and serious.


In charge of gathering a choir for our stake conference in two weeks. So he's singing with them, too. He'll look so handsome up on the stand.

JB's cooking continues to amaze me. And he's smoking brisket this Friday (I can't wait. He does it soooo well)

Playing basketball weekly, but the bike rides are going away in the dark and cold of these Saturday mornings.


Obsessed with BBC period dramas recently.  North and South, Cranford. Waiting for Downton Abbey 3!

I gave up Dancing With the Stars this season. I just don't have the time. I have to watch Go On, Elementary, Modern Family, Parks and Rec, The Office, Pioneer Woman and The Amazing Race all on Friday and Saturday nights on our DVR. Am I missing anything?

Cold weather brings out the crochet hook and yarn again.

Thursday, October 4, 2012

Here, piggy piggy!

In September I got free passes to the Utah State Fair. One of the best parts, was the free fishing opportunity for kids.  The DWR taught them how to reel a line, and had a pond of catfish for the kids to catch.

Max shows off his catch. 

Benny was a little hesitant when they said he could touch his fish before they released it back into the pond.

Andrew's favorite part was the animal barns.  He mooed at every cow, baaaed at every sheep, oinked at every pig -- you get the picture.

I think he wanted to curl up with the baby pigs. In fact, he's watching me post these pictures right now and is mooing at the screen. Hi-lar-ious!