Sunday, July 28, 2013


JB is a Spudman again! He did the triathlon yesterday in Burley, Idaho. One of the best parts is staying with his sister Sarah and her husband Joe. Last year I went with him. This year, sweet baby James would have made that difficult. So Max and Benny went up  -- and had such a great time.

They (Max especially) had tons of nachos Friday night, and checked out Sarah and Joe's new home. It's almost done!

The next morning Joe drove my boys around the race course to see JB come by, just like he did for me last year. They saw him come out of the Snake river, and saw him several times on his bike.

They also saw him during the run and cheered him on there, too. JB said it was such a morale booster.

And the finish line!

Isn't Sarah the cutest pregnant gal?

I'm just so so grateful to them for taking care of my boys. Max and Benny were so excited when they were telling me about seeing daddy all through the race. They loved the snacks, too. And I loved all the pictures Joe took of my handsome man on the course so I could experience it, too.

Then Max pounded down a double cheeseburger before they came back home.

Overall a very fun trip!

Wednesday, July 24, 2013

July so far

This guy loved free slurpees on 7-11.

This guy keeps eating and growing.

This guy got another Jr Jazz medal.

And so did this guy.

And our new garage is such a joy. I love putting storage in the top and getting my closets back. I love the easy in and out of bikes, strollers, etc.

Plus it looks so shiny and new. I have been on an organizing and cleaning-out binge. Whenever I have a spare moment from baby James I rush around attacking the storage room and closets and pestering JB "Do we need this? What's this? Can we throw/give this away?"

We've gone on walks in the mornings when it's cooler, and read lots of books together with the boys. I've been watching tons of shows and movies at night while nursing -- "Bunheads" anyone?

It's a fun and productive maternity leave so far.

Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Here we go!

Here are two conversations from the Richards house in the past couple of days:

Benny: "Andrew, Daddy's the Bishop now."
Andrew: "No he not."
Benny: "Yes he is!"
Andrew: "No he not. You silly!"

Max: "Why were you and Daddy crying?" (On Sunday)
Mom: "Because it's humbling and overwhelming to be the new bishop."
Max: "But why? He hands out candy!"

So it looks like JB will have to continue the practice of handing out candy, and we will have to convince our 2 1/2 year old that yes, daddy is the Bishop from now on!

JB and I were called in to the Stake President's office when baby James was just two weeks old. But it took a month for it to finally all become official because of different vacations and such.  This past Sunday JB and his wonderful counselors were set apart, with such amazing prayers on their behalf. Though we both know the next few years will have their challenges, we both want to serve others and the Lord in any way possible.

Tuesday, July 16, 2013

One month

Sweet Baby James is actually about 6 weeks old now! It's about time I shared these pictures.


Isn't that a hoot? His face -- "Guys, why am I in a basket on the grass?"

Here's one where his mouth is turning into a smile.

This is his relaxed pose. It feels like it doesn't last long.

He can be a very cranky baby a lot of the time. But at least we know he'll grow out of it. And when that happens, he'll no longer be a little sweet ball of a baby that needs us so much.

Monday, July 15, 2013


This month JB's dad got great Bees tickets from a friend -- right behind home plate. He gave them to JB, who took Max, Benny and our friend Roger. The game was televised, and I pretty much watched my boys the whole game. 

This is my picture of the TV screen.  See my blonde Max in the red shirt?

That shot appeared so much that I would text JB, "Looks like you had a bathroom break," or, "Ah, I see Roger bought the boys another treat!"  Like ice cream that came in these little Bees helmets.

There were fireworks after. So American! And very fun.

Monday, July 8, 2013

Independence Day

We love our neighborhood's Fourth of July celebrations. It includes a parade down the street with decorated bikes.

Nona and I camped out with James (hungry again you can see) after the pancake breakfast so we could see the parade.

At the end of the parade, there are snowcones and cotton candy, and the fire truck sends a huge spray into the air. It's Max and Benny's favorite part.

Later that day, we coaxed some smiles from James in his flag shirt. It's hard to catch those first smiles on camera but I can tell you it's really cute.

Then cousin Phin came to visit, and James was done being happy (he can go from zero to frantic in 2 seconds).  Phin was unfazed.

That evening we had root beer floats.

At night (the boys stayed up so late!), then came the fireworks. The boys declared it to be the best 4th of July ever.

Saturday, July 6, 2013

What we do every day

It's so fluffy I'm gonna die!

I love how he is chubbing up.  I take random pictures on my iphone to text to family far away.

We borrowed this swing from a neighbor and it has been a great help during his cranky times. 

My phone also helps the boys show me what they are up to. Many times during the day, I'm sitting for a while on a couch or in a chair nursing, and the boys want me to see their latest creation. So I have them take pictures of it and they come show me and tell me all about it.

This is a city they drew on long paper on the laundry room floor. The cluster of red cars is on the fire station they drew, the blue blob is a lake, etc.

And these are the car tracks they set up another day.

100 degree days make it seem like it's the winter, or raining, and we are stuck inside. But we make the most of it, most of the time.

Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Summer baby

After two December babies, it has been fun to be able to go outside with this June baby -- until it got to be 100 degrees for 6 days in a row.

Here is baby James before his first walk.

And it's always fun to enjoy popsicles outside, even if you aren't old enough to eat one yet.

The three older boys love popsicles. We have a rule that you can't mention them during dinner, or Andrew will immediately stop eating his dinner and demand one.  He also only gets about the bottom quarter of an Otter Pop, because it takes him forever to eat it as it drips all down his front.