Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Nom nom nom

I put a picture of James on Instagram recently, and a friend commented, "I will eat him." I see where she's coming from.

He's tasty. 

Now this picture below makes it look like James looovves tummy time and has a blast looking at and reaching for toys.  Not so. He either plops over to his back within 30 seconds, or squeals til he's picked up. 

And there's another reason he doesn't spend much time on the floor -- Andrew. Within a minute of James being placed on the floor, Andrew comes over and either:

a) tries to ride him like a pony

b) lays down RIGHT NEXT to him aka practically on top of him. "See mom, I'm pwaying wiff James!"

So we end up holding the baby a lot. But he's old enough now for the Exersaucer, and hangs out in there when we need both hands for something (like a deeper cleaning than just picking stuff up around the house with toes).

See Andrew lurking there? He cannot get enough of this baby brother.

Saturday, November 23, 2013

Stockton to Richards

John Stockton is a legend, and a favorite at our Jazz-obsessed house. And he never signs anything. Never does autographs. But he just wrote a book, and recently signed copies of it downtown.

Max and Benny got to go and meet him with JB.

JB now has a signed copy of the book, and he took his Stockton jersey and got it signed, too.

JB has had this jersey for probably 15 years. He has tried to get him to sign it a few times. Finally, success!

We like him so much, each time we found out we were having a boy I have teasingly/seriously thrown out the suggestion of Stockton of a middle name. Maybe our Benjamin John isn't really named after his father John Byron and grandfather John Robert, maybe he's really named after John Stockton!

Tuesday, November 19, 2013

5 months old

Dis widdle monster turned five months old on the 6th.

Dis widdle monster wuvs to smile and laugh and coo -- and squawk if he doesn't get his way.

Dis widdle boy's momma can't stop talking baby talk to him. And can't stop kissing him where his round soft cheek meets his neck.

Sweet baby James is lots of fun these days. He loves staring and smiling at his older brothers, and they love to talk and chatter at him. He sucks on his fingers and fists, and anyone else's fingers and fists if they put them near his mouth.

He grabs stuff now and rolls over constantly onto his back from his tummy, little stinker. He wakes up once or twice still at night to nurse but momma lets him -- and sometimes lets him sleep right next to her.

But he's getting very good at putting himself to sleep in his crib. Very good! But when he's so tired he gets crazy, we've found a good trick of putting him in his car seat and draping a blanket over it. Out he goes. He won't cuddle to sleep at all. He does the anti-hug of pushing back up off your shoulder.

He's so roly-poly I wish I could post pictures of his thighs and bum. Too chunky cute. I still put him in the front back but it just about kills my back. It's how we trick-or-treated:

And since I have a halloween picture of the littlest on here, might as well put some more of the olders. 

Max the doctor (he wanted to be a zombie doctor. Everyone else in third/fourth grade was some sort of zombie it seems. So that night I relented and did some face paint.)

Andrew (he called himself Pete's Dragon all night)

And Benny the baseball player. He also wanted to be a zombie so I used some of the same paint on him that night. What the heck.  Plus that was the day after the Cardinals lost in the World Series so I figured it would be fitting.

So, happy first Halloween to baby James a couple weeks later! And now every boy in my house is crowded around as I type this to ask about the pictures. Except baby James -- he's asleep in the crib. Thankfully this fourth boy is learning to sleep through a whole lot of noise.

Sunday, November 17, 2013

Our tenth wedding anniversary

One minute you are sitting in church with your best friend Autumn, and a tall blond guy walks in on the other side with his siblings and your heart gives a little, "He's cute!" beat.

Then, months later, you are marrying that tall blond man and your heart goes rat-a-tat-tat with excitement.

Then seconds/years fly by of laughter, tears, joy, contentment and normalcy, and the next thing you know, it's evening, you are sitting on the couch nursing your fourth baby boy that looks just like that tall blond guy. And you look over and see him.

And your heart swells with the goodness of it all.

Monday, November 11, 2013

Family love

At the end of last month, my brother Joe blessed his baby girl Kaylee in church. I don't have a picture of her dress, but rest assured she was sooooo sweet. It's great to see my kid brother (OK, we are 15 months apart) becoming such a cute dad.
Much of my family came out from Missouri and Kansas for the weekend. We ate at Toucanos because even those of my siblings that don't remember Brazil or weren't born when we lived there, can still appreciate big skewers of meat constantly coming over to the table.  At one point, we had 6 siblings and my dad all together. Half the family!
Sweet baby James met his Uncle James.

I spent a couple days with James and my sister Bekah.


We played games, my boys swam in their hotel pool, we prowled Ikea, and James was so great to fix my mother-in-law's oven. I've said it before I'll say it again, that man is talented.

Word is my brother Peter got engaged while out here. I saw him a couple times, then he disappeared with a certain lady friend. I look forward to seeing my family again next year for the wedding!

Friday, November 8, 2013


This little dragon is going through a tough time. 

He's dropping his nap. 


He used to nap daily from 1-3. Therefore I napped daily from 1-3, and JB got a lot of work done. Now, if he does fall asleep, it's later on the couch or in the stroller  and he wakes up grumpy and stays up late.

His napping has been so inconsistent, it promoted some other changes. A sleep snowball, if you will.

Last Friday night we bit the bullet, and moved Andrew out of the crib (he's a month and 1/2 away from turning 3). We put his toddler bed downstairs in the bigger boys' room next to their bunkbed. 

Everyone was excited about it. Until the third night of crying. The umpteenth time I went down to cover Andrew up again and pat his back, Max pleaded, "Take him back!"

But we can't take him back upstairs. Baby James needs the crib. He's 5 months old and over 18 pounds, and the bassinet was growing unsafe for him. And JB wasn't sleeping well with him in our room. So across the hall he went. When JB and I talked about it, we thought it would be easier for Andrew to be with the older boys than with the baby, who still wakes up at night to nurse. 

We are all adjusting, though I will admit I cried that first night my baby was across the hall. It's no fun they have to grow up. 

Monday, November 4, 2013

Crochet addict

When my nieces were born I started crocheting again.

I let it go last January, partly because of burnout; partly because, frankly, I was depressed about not having a girl, and girl stuff is just cuter. So there.

But the weather has turned cooler and I feel the need to create again -- especially to give away to others with girls.

I've made lots of pumpkins for clips. Then I thought, what the heck, here's a cute new shell pattern for a baby girl hat. Then I started on flowers for a friend. And off I went.

I really don't have time for this, what with work in the mornings, a chubby baby to nurse and hold, 3 other active boys to play with, a house to help clean, and more. But it's fun for now to steal a moment or two and make something.