Monday, April 28, 2014

Big boy food

James tries Nutella. And loves it.

With this baby, it took us much longer to introduce solid foods. And once we did, we jumped to "real food" really fast.

Call it experience, call it laziness, but he has been mashing up food from my plate at dinner for a long long time. And he likes to pick up food with his fingers and grab at the spoon or fork and try to feed himself. Usually it means the food is flung somewhere else as he aims the wrong end toward his chompers.

I tried one of those mesh bags that they hold and kinda suck or munch on the food inside. I think all he tasted was the mesh.

JB likes to say this is truly my boy, because of the food he seems to really enjoy. Processed, pressed, frozen reheated chicken nuggets? Pounds them. Grains? Likey the toast and crackers. Lasagna? EXCELLENT. Corn? Sucked on the corn cob on Sunday. Cake? Gimme gimme gimme.  Broccoli? Nah.

I keep trying frozen peas. Those were my favorite as a baby, I'm told.

Tuesday, April 22, 2014

J and J and their Jordans

This is John Byron and James Byron. 

Like father, like son.

They like shoes. Bout to play some baby ball.

Saturday, April 12, 2014

Benny the tooth-puller

Benny lost his first tooth last weekend. "Fine-a-wee," he said. His friends in kindergarten are acting like snakes poking their tongues through big gaps in their tooth-line and he hasn't been able to play along.

We didn't even know Benny's tooth was loose until he pulled it out himself.

He said he kept feeling something weird with his tongue. It was the adult tooth growing in BEHIND the baby tooth. So, braces are in our future.

Benny was checking this situation out in the mirror when he saw how wiggly that baby tooth was. Max was like, "DON'T DO IT!!!! IT'S GOING TO HURT!" And Benny was like, "what, like this?" Yoink. Out it came.

Thursday, April 10, 2014

Oh joy, oh rapture, Andrew is almost there

We are so close. So close to being fully potty-trained. Andrew saw "Cars" underwear at Costco 2 weeks ago and said "Gimme gimme gimme," so I said, "OK, this means you can now go on the potty all the time, no more diapers." We had dabbled before with going on the potty, but this time it was all systems go.

He tried first thing that afternoon -- holding all his precious new underwear at the same time -- and there has been no looking back.

He is now dry almost all the time. Fantastico. But #2 is still an issue. Always it seems #2 is the issue when potty-training.

You've read this book before, you now how it ends. I'm just looking for an excuse to share a picture of my third boy holding all his underwear as he watches "Thomas" on the ipad on the floor and sings, "Fresh from my BODY straight into the POTTY!"

Tuesday, April 8, 2014

James is 10 months

Big baby boy!

Can you see all 6 teeth in that kissable, smiley mouth?

The rest of the family was behind JB while he took pictures on our front lawn. We all made big goofy faces and said "Hiya, James! Hi hi hi!"

Gerber baby.

When those four top teeth were coming in, James had an on-and-off rough couple of weeks.  Today as I type this, he's happily throwing his toys across the living room.  He likes to be around people, but doesn't like to be left doing one thing too long. And he likes being held and entertained.

He says ma-ma-ma-ma and buh buh buh and what sounds like "ball!" He rolls around but no scooting or pulling up yet. He prefers to feed himself by picking up food and putting it in his mouth. And he loves JB's barbecue pork.

He loves his older brothers, and they love him.

We nap on the bed together everyday, baby boy and I. He sleeps much longer when he can roll over and nurse whenever he wants. He often ends up in bed with us at night for a stretch too, because of my early bedtime. I say little thankyou prayers every day for my sweet, roly-poly squishable kissable baby.

Tuesday, April 1, 2014

My brother's sitter

Sometimes I think Andrew can't wait for James to grow up and be his buddy.  I mean, look how well he plays with him.

And here's the video.

Andrew said, "Widdle brudder!  Imma sit on 'im."   See why our baby isn't crawling yet? I can't leave him on the floor!