Wednesday, August 31, 2016

A great grandma

On Millie's month mark, she met her mom's mom's mom, her Great-Grandma Emily Joan Crossen. Millie was born on her birthday!

She goes by Joan, which is pronounced like JoAnne. The story my mom told me, was that her mother wanted one name, and her father the other, and her father filled out the birth certificate but spelled it that way. He called her Joan but her mother called her Emily. My younger sister is named for her.

She lives in Bountiful, but I only saw her every few years growing up because we lived away. I should make more of an effort to visit her now. I think she has a great wry sense of humor, and she has really survived through some hardships in her life. My grandfather died of ALS in 1997, the day I arrived in Utah to attend BYU.

The meeting was for a sad occasion. It was the funeral of my Great-Aunt Caroline, the second sister to die in two months. She has two Patten siblings left. They do monthly Patten family nights still with extended family.

The funeral made me realize that so many stories of this great generation are dying with them. I heard again the stories of the orchard and 40 acres where they grew up in Provo, on land that used to be countryside way north of BYU back then, and is now the Missionary Training Center. And my grandma and her sister Caroline both had polio has little girls in the 30s and 40s. They stayed in the hospital in Salt Lake City for a long time, and suffered effects for the rest of their lives. Thank goodness we don't have polio now (IF EVERYONE GETS IMMUNIZED). Caroline had long blonde hair that the nurses thought was too beautiful to shear off like the rest of the children.

I remember Caroline was often smiling when I saw her. Both women are great examples for my daughter.

Monday, August 29, 2016

The Subway and Barracks

Blogging about the Tetons reminded me I never posted about JB's June trip to Southern Utah (he got back the day my sister Bekah came).

Ryan arranged the guys' trip to the Barracks and the Subway in Zion National Park.

They saw some petroglyphs.

And beautiful red rock and canyon scenery.

This is the Subway. I am told it is much harder and less popular than The Narrows, which I did a part of in college. They didn't see anyone else for the whole time they were in there.

JB says when they emerged on the last day, all dusty and bearded and hauling their backpacks, a whole group of overseas tourists at the popular part of the park were fascinated by their appearance. I think they thought they were genuine western mountain men! They took lots of pictures of the men, and when JB put his pack down, some tourists even came over and took pictures of it. 

Wednesday, August 24, 2016

The Tetons

Monday August 15 JB had surgery on his knee. Torn meniscus. He's doing better every day, thanks be. It had been bothering him and hurting a while. But I am glad he was able to go with the boy scouts from our ward to the Tetons on a trip the Thurs-Sat the weekend before the procedure. It sounds like it was amazing.

It is all about hammocks in the outdoors for sleeping, though it can get cold. Or so I am told.

On the Snake River.

JB with his second counselor, Ryan Romney.

They also did Big Kahuna Rapids with rafts and guides.And they paddle boarded on a lake near Jenny Lake.

What a beautiful place.

Monday, August 22, 2016

First day of school 2016

Last first day of elementary school for Max, first day for Andrew today!

We have a 6th grader, 3rd grader, kindergartner, and a 3-year-old who was pretty bummed this morning.

We all walked down to the school at the end of our street, and met up with friends like the Romneys.

There's a good batch of kindergartners from our ward, including L-R  Ethan, Cooper, Cory (and brother Coen in the shot) and John. Girls, too.

Max and Ben kissed us bye and ran back to their doors to line up and meet their friends. Many of Andrew's friends are the oldest in their families, and one of their parents said we must be used to this by now.  Here is Max's first day (he was so tall, and just barely five) and Ben's first day. (those cheeks. And James had just been born in June). Each time you pray your little one will be fine without you.  Look at Andrew all lined up.

JB took James for a treat after we walked away. He was sad, and told us he really really missed his brudder Andrew. In future the 3 boys will walk to and from together every day, because Andrew is in full-day.

To get ready for school, last week I took all four to the barber shop for haircuts. Bribery with gum and phone games is the key to having James sit still. She took a lot more off this time. His hair grows fast. See the rest of us in the mirror behind him?

Andrew's face is always so cute above the cape.

Afterward, each boy picked out a donut across the street. Millie took her first pumped bottle like a champ from JB while we were gone.

As a last hurrah for summer, we went ice-blocking with 10 other families from our neighborhood. This is the only picture I got. Ben got banged up a bit with some bruises and cuts, and the little boys couldn't stay on the block long enough to go down the hill. Fun fun!

Hooray for routine and schedule.

Sunday, August 21, 2016


We were looking through the pictures again to pick some to get enhanced, and I couldn't help but post some of these.

Tiny feet while nursing on the bed in between pictures.

James cheesy and Andrew either resting his smiley-muscles or being goofy.

James the cheeser smile again.

The kisses. Awwwww

Shushing in her ear.

Honey....we have five children!

Saturday, August 20, 2016

One month old

On Thursday the 18th, our sweet Millie Grace turned one month old.  Here is a collage of her sleeping. Notice a different bow in each picture.

Another bow, another sleeping shot.

The boys love to hold her.

Awake! I made this bow and it's one of my favorites.

She sleeps well on JB's chest.  Or next to mine.

She has smiled a couple times at JB. This below was a sleepy smile. Or maybe gas.

I love getting her dressed every day.   She poops a lot, and nurses a lot. You have to burp her well or she will get sad.

She is a good baby so far. The evenings can be a challenge when she won't settle down or catnaps til late. But it's not the colicky screams we suffered in the past, so fingers crossed.

Friday, August 19, 2016

Nice to meet you

In her first month of life, Millie has met all the immediate Utah relatives now.

When she was one week old (my birthday/Pioneer Day observed), we managed to all get out of the house and to Nona and Papa's for dinner. There the Millie cousins met.

Millicent Mae/Millie Mae/MM/Miss Mae/etc  and   Millie Grace/Millie-girl/MG/Siss/etc.

Bart was there and met her, too. Collette and their children met her the Friday before, when they came to take my boys to the Bountiful parade (thanks again!). She looks so small here.

My sister Rachel came over the next week for some cuddles.

 And my brother Peter and Mindy came over with their cute boys.

And then Joe and Susan came. He is awaiting back surgery again, so the car ride was hard on him, but these two goofballs are too much fun -- and look at how teeny she looks in my 6'5 brother's arms.

And their daughter sweet Kaylee was very gentle.

I didn't grow up around any of my aunts/uncles/cousins, so I am glad our children have so many close by!

Friday, August 12, 2016


I will pull up this post when/if the big boys say they didn't do anything this summer. Right now Max is at his first campout/overnighter with the scouts. He counted down for weeks. I hope he is having fun! And that he brings back everything he packed.

They both were gone all day almost every day last week with the Outdoor Retailer kids camp. They came back tired and dirty at dinner time, full of tales of shooting and boating and whittling and obstacle-coursing and stuff.

Jonah Dalton came one of the days.

Similar tale the week before during Cub Country, except they went on a different set of two days with their age groups. JB went with Ben on the second day, and took these pictures.

With Mitchell Romney

Feats of strength.

With Jonah.

They did basketball camp in June. School starts a week from Monday!