Tuesday, April 4, 2017


For Family Home Evening last Monday, we took a look at different things in our lives ("All good things, all good things" -Olaf), and listed them in order of top priorities.  Andrew put TV at the top, I was really tempted to put sleep at the top of mine...but the point was, we were trying to talk to the boys about putting God first and everything else will fall into place. 

We had a follow up last night that I think went well. James held off begging for a snack until the end, and no one dive-bombed off the couch.

I remember a talk in BYU Womens Conference a few years back, where the speaker said that saying "yes" to one thing can mean saying "no" to another.  This morning, I also read an article about the new humblebrag of being busy. We pride ourselves in having tons to do. These are good reminders for me in setting and keeping priorities in check around my home, family, work, church, hobbies (and sleep).

Speaking o' the zzzs:  You all know that for years I have nursed-napped with our babies every day, and often co-slept with them at night.  But I may need to sleep-train Millie sooner rather than later, though, and hope it doesn't lead to weaning yet.  She is just so squirmy all over the bed. Like when she took off her headband and whipped me with it:

Cross fingers she sleeps ok on our upcoming trip to Kansas/Missouri to see my family. I told JB I would prioritize getting her into the crib when we get back. 

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Rachelle said...

Good luck! I think sleep (and the good health intertwined with it) is a hreat priority! How better to serve than when you have mental and physical strength?