Saturday, August 29, 2015

First week of school

We all survived the first week of school.  It wasn't too hard to get back into the routine, because the boys all go to bed at the same early time all summer anyway. But there were some nerves the night before and the morning of, plus some excitement.

Ben is now in second grade.

And Max is in fifth grade.

Ben boasted he has no homework for two weeks. Max has plenty already.  They are trying to keep friends from last year while making new ones in their classes. They also keep trying to wear their same favorite shorts every day.

Here are the boys as they walked down to the corner together. Notice how Andrew is starting to realize that he's not going, too. And he's realizing that his playmates are leaving without him.

Max had to take his lunchbox back before crossing the street. Below is the result:

Supreme sadness! But Andrew and James (I think) are playing pretty well together in the mornings now. Andrew starts preschool in a week and a half, and then it will be just daddy and James in the morning 3 days a week.

That first day of school we all waited outside for Max and Ben to come home. James went running to meet them for a big hug.

Sunday, August 23, 2015

Summer wrapup

School starts tomorrow for Max and Ben, and preschool starts in two weeks for Andrew. Summer is over.

When people ask, "how was your summer?" it's not one big thing that comes to mind, like a major trip, but many good things. Lots of trips to Lagoon, chilling outside in our kiddie pools or playing ball, having all four boys rush outside when I came home from work in the middle of the day, walks to the park, a quick trip to Bear Lake, and a camping trip for JB and the bigs:

JB and I went up one evening to Girls Camp, where this Bishop learned more crazy songs.

We had a Ward party, and a Stake carnival, where Andrew won these amazing glasses.

And, in the video, a family invited us over to enjoy the inflatable slide. Big brothers helped the littlest brother "enjoy" the ride.

Thursday, August 13, 2015

He's unique that's for sure

James is really just a bundle of fun. I am trying to change my language when talking about him, because, most of the time, he really is the cutest, funniest, sweetest 2 year-old.  Other times he's a stinker and that's the word we most often say when talking about him.

For example, when JB took him for a haircut, he wiggled and squeaked and squealed. But that's to be expected, right?  After each swipe he said "All done!" and tried to get down.

He looks so grown up now. Like a bigger boy. His hair was really long and curly. I think he feels cooler now, because he had been leaving a circle of sweat on his sheet after naps.

The two bigger boys are slowly getting used to the idea that school will be starting soon. JB did some back-to-school shopping and brought home new clothes; Max dug his backpack out of storage, and James decided he should do a fashion show.

We call this picture, "Napoleon Dynamite Jr."

Jamesy is doing much better at naptime and bedtime about staying in bed and going to sleep without screaming or climbing out. We stick to the exact same routine every time. JB jokes that James thought we needed his protests as part of OUR bedtime routine: "Man, it's tiring entertaining those two. I know they love to cuddle me extra lots, so I have to let them know I'm ready for more bum pats and songs."

He talks a lot and talks all the time. Lately his most-used phrase is something like, "I want to hold it" or "I want to touch it." He's referring to things out of his reach, like the bigger boys' Lego sets or the car keys. He has set off the car alarm a few times -- and shocked himself by sticking the keys into the outlet. We've never had a boy quite like him!