Tuesday, July 18, 2017


Our darling Millie Grace is one year old today!

She celebrated today with donuts, two baths (she got that messy), and clapping and smiling and dancing anytime we sang to her.

She spent the afternoon at a basketball tournament for older brothers, and knowing that, we took her cake to family dinner on Sunday.

I have been daydreaming of making a pink cake for a very long time. I went back and forth on different frosting techniques (as my YouTube, Pinterest and Instagram viewing history will tell you), but settled on trying rosettes for her smash cake and a raspberry drip and hearts for the main cake.

She poked at it...

Took a taste...

And was hooked!

The boys really wanted her to smash it and make a mess. This video is of Ben showing her what to do.


And she stuck her head in it like Ben showed her.

But eventually I took it away. That was a lot of frosting on there. Andrew and cousin Aaron worked on eating it after that.

Here is our traditional birthday kisses.

We waited so many years for a baby girl to come to our family, and this last year has just flown by. I can't wait to see the toddler, little girl, big girl, young woman and woman she becomes.

Later this week, after her 12 month appointment, I will do the full 12 month post (her last monthly post) with those stats and other milestones and all the things we love about this baby girl.  For now, it is bedtime after a long day!

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Sunday, July 16, 2017

Slurpees, Cows, and Basketball

It wouldn't be July without some freebies!

On 7-11, JB took 3 boys and 1 girl to get free 7-11 slurpees.  Max was at basketball camp and I was finishing up at work.

Millie climbed into Ben's lap to get closer to the cold goodness.

Max got his free slurpee after his camp was over at 4, and Millie did the same thing to him in the kitchen -- climbed right up to beg for a taste.

The same day, Chick-Fil-A was doing their dress up like a cow promotion. I stuck spots on the boys' clothes and ears on a hat and bells around their necks. I wore a brown cloaky thing from cousin Aaron's Jedi birthday party last year. I know the Chick-Fil-A cows are black and white, but, I say, How Now Brown Cow.

I only grabbed a picture of my two littlest bovines.

Andrew proclaimed to everyone that, "My mom makes milk for our baby, so she is like a cow!"  Oh boy.  Anyway, the kids got 6 piece chicken nugget meals, although 9 year old Ben was hungry still. I should have picked the sandwich for him.  I bought two other sandwiches to bring home to JB and Max after bball camp.

I remember my younger brothers all being very hungry growing up. These boys of mine are constantly asking about a snack, all day every day.  JB took them to all-you-can-eat recently. Here is his caption to the picture he sent me while at work (Millie was asleep in the carseat under the table)

"Took these kids to lunch at Braza Grill on an expiring City Deal.  Can you guess which ones were in hog heaven?"

Summer wouldn't be complete without the Jazz Summer League basketball.  Max and Ben and JB watched 6 games over 3 days together.

This picture was taken July 3rd. Max is wearing his Gordon Hayward jersey, and Ben has the remnants of the upkeep of his Gordon Hayward haircut.  On July 4th, Gordon Hayward announced he was leaving the Jazz.  There were tears at our house.

Thursday, July 13, 2017

Me + KSL = 15 years

(April 2015, covering the departure of  the president on Air Force One at HAFB)

Whelp, I have been at KSL 15 years this month.  To celebrate, my alarm still goes off at 3:45 AM, I keep doing stories and they keep paying me.  Overtime for most of this week, in fact.

I was in a long court hearing Monday morning for three teens who killed a police officer, on Tuesday morning I covered a domestic violence press conference, and on Wednesday morning I was in a planning meeting for upcoming longer indepth stories on suicide.

Add that to the big fires and deadly accidents this summer and it has been pretty heavy lately. All I want to do is rush home and squish my baby girl and laugh with my boys and husband.

Reporters have to separate themselves from what's happening, or we would break down. I almost did on the banks of the Provo river where a 4 year old and her mom drowned in May.  I always remember the first body I saw in the middle of a street, probably 13 years ago where a motorcyclist hit a deer and died.  I will never forget covering the drunk-driving deaths of our bishop's family 10 years ago, or the Trolley Square shootings.  There's a spot on the cold, hard marble floor of the capital building where I sit every January-March covering legislative stories.

But I have had great stories, too, that I think have made an impact -- at least on me. Meeting nice people, interviewing officers and firefighters and folks trying to make a difference, kids doing good...those all collectively are the reason why I stay in the news business.

(picture from LDS Philanthropies copyright 2011)

I may get a certificate or cake or a bonus or another week of vacation for hitting 15 years, but at least I know my co-workers like me and I like them, and I still like telling stories on the radio.

And sometimes on TV and in the newspaper :)

(October 2015)

By the way, changes in structure of the different departments in the newsroom means my radio stories rarely appear on the main KSL-dot-com website, but if you go to kslnewsradio.com my audio stories pop up there -- and we have a KSL Radio app where they should post, too. In case you were wondering.

Ok, time for my outcue.

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Wednesday, July 12, 2017

Lagoon days

Papa was recently Park Director, so JB took the boys out to Lagoon while the girl and I napped.

Isn't he the best?

Then last Friday,  Millie-girl and I postponed our naps because many of JB's Richards family members met at Lagoon for lunch!  Rachelle was in town, so several got together to visit.  JB's dad reserved a terrace -- it says "Richards cousins" on the sign below.

l-r Jeff, JB, Suzanne, Chloe, Rachelle, Darby, Sarah.

The extended family is so much fun to be with, and to talk to. It was good to catch up for a bit, even though my boys were pulling me off to rides.  

I took the little boys on Rattlesnake Rapids, and they weren't scared at all -- they thought it was like Moana going through the reef and the waves. I broke out into song, why not.

The lines were short, so Ben and I did some bigger rides in a row together -- but it made me queasy and my heart raced. Having 5 babies and getting older sure changes a body.  

Monday, July 10, 2017


This was the view recently when I came home from work.

Sometimes I have to finish up something from home, so I do it with one hand while feeding baby sister. She likes to nurse as soon as I get home.

Lest you think it is just me multi-tasking, JB sent me a sweet picture this morning of Millie on his chest. He often types one-handed, too! Bishoping and loan-officer-ing.

Curious/tenacious/stubborn 4 year old James can often be a big helper, but other times he just likes to be like Wreck it Ralph. So folding laundry can be a challenge. He either helps, or he runs through it laughing.  One day I had several loads to put away, the big boys were at basketball with JB, and I knew the little boys needed something to do that wasn't outside in 100 degree weather. So I got out the paints and let them have the kitchen floor.

Thankfully it all mopped up quickly. I am not sure if it was worth the extra work to have the 15 minutes of quiet!

(This reminds me of this post mopping the floor with my first two little boys)

Speaking of laundry, I often do what we did growing up -- I put on a movie and get all the kids to help. Last time it was just me with a chick flick, and I did not pay attention to the socks sorting. JB and Max and Ben were hunting for their favorites in each others' sock drawers for a while. Max told me I should make a chart to keep them all straight!

Friday, July 7, 2017

Cub Country and more campout stuff

JB went up one day to Cub Country with Ben in June. One day I should ask off work and go there to see the craziness.
9-year-old Bear Scout Ben has good friends in our ward and stake, and I hope he is a good friend to them (I get reports back that he is)

Right now JB is at another campout with 11-year-old scout Max. What would these boys do without their dad?? I can't/don't/won't camp much, I can't model how to be a good man and a father. I do read with them or play board games or watch movies. JB shows them how to enjoy the beautiful mountains we have nearby.

Here are a few more pictures from Dads and Kids recently that I found when JB's phone uploaded.

The terror twins asleep.

Ben's bedhead when he woke up.

Max the strong and brave!

Thursday, July 6, 2017

Fourth of July

 We love America! And our neighborhood tradition.

First came the pancake breakfast at 8 AM, then we came back to our house to kill time until lining up at 9:30. We piled Millie up with our decorations and took pictures of her in the grass.

This thing just gets larger and larger. Here we are in the crowd of bikes and scooters waiting for our turn to go.

JB decided to watch from the sidelines this year.  But it sure seemed like a lot more adults than kids were walking down the street -- and the trucks and cars that started it off were making Max and me nervous. We caught up to them, and I was watching Andrew and Max was watching James to make sure their little bodies didn't get lost or crushed.

Millie thought it was all white noise!

But she woke up at the end when the water from the fire truck came pouring down! I barely got the stroller out of the way but her feet and legs got wet.  Andrew and James liked it -- until they got cold! If you spot a boy in blue in the street in the picture below, it is Ben having a marvelous time.

We dried off with the popcorn and activities in the sun. And I was glad for the double stroller -- I put James's strider bike on it and he rode the long way home.

Then we basically stayed inside our air conditioned house all day, while JB smoked pork and brisket for the family BBQ that night. Before that dinner, we met good friends at 4 PM for yummy food, too, in their backyard.

Millie and I tried to go to bed like normal around 8:30 PM (I worked early the next morning), but this year Jamesy stayed up with his brothers to watch the fireworks at 10 PM.  I heard them all out the window -- the big show and the neighbors after that, as I drifted in and out of sleep.

The city does a huge fireworks show in the park just blocks from our house, and it can be seen from our friends' yard just around the block. JB says James and Andrew were running around all excited and hyper -- but about 15 minutes in, little J climbed into JB's lap and asked to go home. He was falling asleep as they walked home.  He normally goes to bed at 7:30 PM!  But with staying up late, did the little boys sleep in the next morning? Oh yes -- until a whopping 7:30 AM.

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