Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Three boys, three haircuts

Last Saturday enough was enough. It was either go to the barbershop or get buzzed. Since it's not yet summertime where a buzz cut is more appropriate, to the barbershop we went!

Max was worried about his cut. He really wants his hair to be more styled in front, "like how Daddy's used to be before he cut it." I also sometimes long for those curls, but alas the new way is easier for JB that's for sure.

Where was I? Oh yes. Benny.

He was matter-of-fact and just fine about his new do. 

But Andrew, he had a rough time.

They were all three lined up, one in each chair, so when Andrew turned his head he could see a brother on either side and his parents in the front smiling big and cheering him on. But he still sobbed, "No wanna hair-tut!"

Thankfully he still had some left on the top to twist between his fingers like he loves to do. And I sang "Soft Kitty" to him over and over, which is also very soothing.

So, now they are sharp and handsome again, and it was only $5 each!

Saturday, January 26, 2013

Jr Jazz

For the past several weeks, we have eaten, slept, dreamed and played basketball.

Max and Benny were on their first Jr Jazz teams, and have absolutely loved it. Benny was on a kindergarten team (even though he starts kindergarten in the fall his age made it OK), and Max on a 2nd grade team with two of his friends.

It's been so great to see their enthusiasm for the game, and see their skills and confidence improve each week.  JB carefully coaches them before/after and from the sidelines with good tips on defense and offense.

Here's a little video of Benny warming up:

And after, a snack is always a good idea.

That's me in the background, growing a fourth boy. I have a feeling Jr Jazz will be in our lives for many many years to come.

Friday, January 25, 2013

Money Money

Somehow my 7 1/2 year old is under the impression that we are poor. I think it's because of the following reasons:

-I tell him I won't buy him an iphone or ipod or ipad, even though some friends may have one (sheesh)

-I gasped when I saw the Mad Science weekly afterschool program he wanted to do like his friends costs $98 (what a ripoff)

-I told him after he lost his gloves, then his lunch box, that he may have to start contributing to pay to replace them with his allowance and/or extra money from extra chores (I mean, c'mon!)

I've done radio stories on how to talk to kids about money, and the experts I interviewed said to tell them about choices, about saving and spending, about needs versus wants. I thought we were doing that, but maybe we need to step up the reassuring talk that we are doing just fine -- I caught him praying that we would be able to afford things!

Monday, January 21, 2013


We have to do something around here to cheer up with the smog and fog and cold outside. Introducing, Batman and Superman:

Other things they do to keep busy:

-shooting hoops indoors (we have a five foot stand downstairs. They shoot hoops as soon as they wake up and right before bed and every moment in between)
-building forts
-painting on large sheets of paper on the kitchen floor
-going up to the church gym to shoot hoops or run around
-running around and around the house (and hearing me say "No running upstairs!")
-begging me for playdates at other kids' houses. Maybe they think they can run there.

Tuesday, January 15, 2013

I'm surrounded by boys

All day yesterday I felt like I was walking around in a kind of surreal dream -- like there had been some sort of mistake. Surely by now I would have had one girl? Just ONE girl?

But I watched the DVD again with the kids and it's pretty obvious what it is. I almost yelled at the ultrasound tech when he paused and said, "Do you know what that is?" Um YES, I've seen a boy on the screen THREE TIMES BEFORE.

I give myself pep talks. They work until I think about how I wanted a friend. A break from Legos and trucks and trains and dinosaurs. Until I see something yellow or pink. Or until I remember the dress. The booties. The hat. I started to make them for gifts for others having girls. I put them aside, thinking maybe some day I would need them.

Or I hear the name Elizabeth. My middle name which I thought would make a great name for a baby girl.  Or I think of the name Millie. I've loved that name for years -- Seven Brides for Seven Brothers was my favorite movie growing up.

Or I log onto Pinterest or my Google reader and am inundated with girl crafts, girl advice, girl sewing  (I have now unsubscribed from many blogs. It's not worth it).

To those who say, "You'll have granddaughters some day," that doesn't really help right now.

To those who say, "Boys are more fun/easy/etc," well, you have a girl so you can say that.

To those who joke, "Maybe the next one will be a girl," YOU try spitting every 30 seconds for 9 months.

To those who say, "You do a great job with boys," wouldn't we have done a good job with a girl?

To those of you I know and love who cannot have children, I'm very very sorry I'm so depressed over this. I know how blessed I am to be able to have a fourth baby. I will love him so much and cuddle him and treasure him and try to raise him right.

Just let me mourn a dream for a while.

Thursday, January 10, 2013


Mistake #1

Remember Andrea Rockwell?  Feast your eyes on this.

I was so convinced JB's little sister Suzanne was having a girl (she's due 3 days after me) that I started to work on pink baby booties for her. Unfortunately, I made them too big. Oh, and she just found out she's having a boy. Andrew modeled the too-big booties before I unraveled them and tucked the pink yarn away.

I find out what I'm having next Monday, and I had dreamed two nights ago that I had two ultrasounds and they both showed a boy. But one was done on my bed and the other at a vet. Then last night I dreamed I went to my ultrasound but fell asleep, and when I woke up they told me it was a girl.

Mistake #2

I found a yummy-looking recipe for foccacia bread that looked super easy, even for me. But my attempt looked like a burned cracker.  It was so awful I hid and cried and said, "This is why I don't cook!" The boys were all good sports and crunched away at it.  JB looked at the recipe and says it was written horribly.  Did you know you are supposed to put yeast with warm water first and let it sit for a while? I didn't.....

But I'm going to try again! I've pinned a couple easier looking bread recipes from Martha Stewart and Ree Drummond.  Be nice to me, ladies.

Tuesday, January 8, 2013


Isn't it interesting how much you really hope your children have a fun day on Christmas? That they will like their gifts, that they will be happy to give, and that they will share?

I think this year went really well on all those fronts. The boys gave each other a little something, and were very happy to see they each had received new Lego kits.

Andrew got jungle animals to make roar. Raff! 'Ion! 'Iger!

They all got new books. Max is a great reader and Andrew loves to be read to. And hold his hair.

The boys with their cousins at Nonna and Pappa's house later that day, holding their gifts that they love. Those balls have been flying around our house the past two cold weeks.

Notice Andrew wouldn't take his hat off inside again. And Max wouldn't take off his new jacket from Nonna.