Thursday, April 30, 2015

CA trip - SeaWorld

Our last day in California, Friday, was spent at SeaWorld. Max and JB (back row) rode the biggest coaster, Atlantis.

They had pools where you could reach in and touch sea life. These little fish tickled tons.

Andrew loved the Sting Rays.

But the polar bear walking right up to the glass scared him.

Whales. Right there in front of us. Incredible.

And Max won a stuffed whale by answering a question at a show.

There's a whole huge play place within Sea World. This was Andrew's heaven. Huge ropes course that he scampered through, and I felt like I was on American Ninja Warrior trying to follow him. Finally I just put Max and Ben in charge of tracking his movements.

And these guys were there.

Ben and I touched a dolphin -- and he helped give it this command to turn and wave. Amazing.

Max was getting hangry hungry by the end. We had again packed peanut butter and jelly sandwiches with us, but he had had enough. 

So we went to Louigi's Pizza (spotted on Diner's Drive-ins and Dives) and took it to Balboa Park to eat. It looks like it's a new baby they are proud to show off, doesn't it?

Pieces as big as your head.

And huge trees perfect for boys.

I mentioned Max being hungry -- James was in full meltdown mode at the end of SeaWorld, appeased only in the car by primary songs until he got some pizza and lemonade that he clutched like a lifeline.

It was just enough amusement parks and activities for us I think. We drove back all day Saturday and were glad to be in our own beds by 8 that night.

CA trip - Legoland

Wednesday we made our way down to San Diego. I had read about a beach called "Children's Pool Beach," made for children in the 1930s, but now full of seals.

But despite what San Diego's website says, the sign at the beach said we couldn't go close to the seals because some were going to have pups.


So we found a rocky shore just down the sidewalk to explore.

Then Thursday was Legoland.

Oh how we loved Legoland. It was EMPTY compared to Disneyland, and perfect for the ages of our boys right now.

I liked the places right by the lines for the rides (which were never bad) where littles could play with buckets and buckets of Legos.

The Volvo driving school is cute. Andrew couldn't quite get his car going though.

But Max and Ben blew through stop signs like pros.

Despite the clouds, Andrew still couldn't quite open his eyes for pictures.

I'm pretty sure I'm doing a Rudy Gobert salute here to the boys in the other choppers. James is meanwhile biting down hard on his chompers. I think he got a new molar on the trip. He was quite clingy to me.

The Miniland area was amazing. We all went a little nuts, yelling "Look at THAT!" over and over about the Lego creations. Especially in the Star Wars section.

Andrew is so stoic on rides. I feel like I must over-compensate to show how fun it is.

The best part I think (with more LOOK at THAT! exclamations) was the whole movie set for "The Lego Movie." This is the very basement used in the movie.

This however did make all the boys greatly desire more Lego sets. They each got to assemble their own minifigure. Andrew's was a pirate, and he carried it everywhere. We often had to stop what we were doing to look for a missing hat or accessory. Arrrrr!

CA trip - Disneyland

We went first thing to Carsland in California Adventure. Because boys.

JB did Radiator Springs Racers first, then that glorious rider switch pass came in handy for me. Notice Andrew's little head in the seat below by Ben. The height requirement on just about everything was 40 inches, and he made it!

We had to take turns who sat by mom each time one which ride.  Below is the picture JB took of us with the big camera....

....and this picture I took of them with my iphone. Notice James reaching out for his momma.

It's loud in the line for Midway Mania.

But fun inside.

Buzz Lightyear's Astro Blasters.

Waiting for the rest to come off of Big Thunder Mountain Railroad.

Space Mountain. My first time. I could not breathe in the picture below I snapped of the one they took of us. Notice Andrew's little head again.

Star Tours (done twice in a row with Fast Passes and the Stroller/Rider Switch pass)

Autopia (we spent a lot of time in Tomorrowland. Because boys.)

The monorail

Carsland again

The parade at 5:15

A Bug's Life area. This is the picture I took of them....

And here's the one he took of me watching (look at that face scrunched in the fence).

One day at both parks made for a tired family.

I did want to show this picture of what most evenings at the hotel looked like. They were spent mostly watching Daniel Tiger (TIGER! TIGER!) on my laptop to keep James and Andrew quiet for the other guests. The big boys watched, too, though mostly kept their eyes on the NBA playoffs on the TV.