Tuesday, April 25, 2017

Going courtin'

"Seven Brides for Seven Brothers" came to Hale Centre Theatre and we were able to go in early April. I LOVED it.  I was smiling from the first bars of music.

JB and I took Max and Ben with us, and left the three others in the care of our wonderful neighbor. We rushed out of there at the end to get back to them, or I would have taken a picture with the cast to show Millie her namesake.

Max and Ben were at first skeptical. They have been to The Lion King, and Mary Poppins at the Capital Theater but they were very young. And sometimes their classes go to field trips to special daytime theater productions at the U of U, but nothing like this. Hale is in the round and you are close to the action, and boy oh boy was the action fun.  My boys liked the dancing and stage fighting and hilarious antics by the seven brothers.  Though there was a lot of kissing and Ben finally leaned over and said, "Is that real? Are they married?"

A couple of fun notes for you -- in a college communications persuasive speaking class, I gave a presentation on why this musical is the best ever.   When JB and I were dating, my sister Bekah was in a production of the play, and JB flew back to Kansas City with me to see it. That's when he met the family and asked my dad for my hand.  Though he could have carried me off along with the parson, am I right?

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Rachelle said...

And now he *is* the parson!!!