Friday, February 6, 2015

Also famous

We are pretty sure this is our son Andrew on the front cover of this month's LDS children's Friend magazine.


Either they saw my cute boy in public and quickly sketched his big-eyed, soft-cheeked face, or Andrew has a doppelganger.

We tried to get him to recreate the pose.

Both tries a no-go.

But when his hair is longer, that's him.  Several people at church remarked on the resemblance. They say we should keep the magazine for when he grows up.


Last weekend, JB's dad was given some super sweet tickets to a Utah Jazz game. JB sent me this picture from the 11th row.

He also sent me a blurry, sneakily taken picture of former coach Jerry Sloan just nearby. And he also spotted a few celebs in town for the Sundance Film Festival.

And then I spotted him and Feller on TV:


Sometimes a boy and his dad are so happy to go to a game together.