Monday, April 24, 2017

The Hayward

Ben has strongly desired the Gordon Hayward haircut for months.  He's one of our favorite Utah Jazz players, and his hairstyle is greatly admired among the elementary school-aged boys around here.

During the first week of the playoffs, three barbershops were doing a promotion where you could get the Hayward or Gobert haircut for free. We waited in line for a long time (James had a meltdown and JB had to come switch places with me). But Ben was very pleased with the barber whose chair came open for his turn. He had been watching all of their work.

He loves it.

I think he wants different hair products like the barbershop to make it keep that perfect swoop up, because he spent quite the amount of time in front of the mirror before church.

Meanwhile I was out in the living room trying to spit-smooth James's hair down after he had some sort of night:

Max's hair is getting long and the wavy curls are showing again (which I love), but it is time for him to get a haircut, too. He had basketball practice during Ben's haircut or he may have been next in line for the Hayward that day.


collette richards said...

Awesome you made it!!

Rachelle said...

It's adorable! I mean - it's very cool. Hip? I'm so out of the loop! He looks great!!!