Friday, April 14, 2017

Spring Break: Northwest Missouri

I really wanted to go to church at my old LDS branch in Chillicothe, so despite our rough night, off we went that Sunday morning. Since the last time we were there, my parents have moved into my brother's old house town.  No more long drives to church!

There was one other child in sacrament meeting, when we trooped in with our five. They were being so great and so quiet -- then James threw up on the floor. JB scooped him up and rushed him out, where he fell asleep in the hallway.  Everybody saw it; it's a small room, and we were sitting just feet from the speakers.

The primary was happy for the rest of our kids.  After church and lunch, we drove about 40 minutes away to Adam-ondi-Ahman, and found the rock where JB and I got engaged 14 years ago this August.

We went round by my parents' old house in Jamesport, where they lived my senior year of high school and where I would go home from college and where JB met the family. It doesn't seem occupied now. The drives are long in that area of Missouri, and after their rough night, Andrew and James fell asleep and their heads kept lolling onto Ben, as I tried to capture in this picture below:

I was glad for the peace and quiet. 3 year old James and 6 year old Andrew are sometimes quite the stinkers in the car, being loud and joking about burping and pooing. Max and Ben never did that when they were that age! Where did these rude boys come from, and how do I stop it??

On to Monday morning.  My dad brought out a crossbow, and the boys were enthralled. They set up target practice in the yard.

Then my dad took the three oldest boys and JB out to a shooting range. Just look at this darling cute little gun my dad got especially for a child Andrew's size!  I can't believe I used the words "darling" and "cute" to describe a gun. Normally they make me rather anxious. But I knew they would be safe at the range where they could show proper gun safety handling and stuff.

Our children normally just don't get opportunities to go shooting (or fishing or LARPing or long drives for that matter) here in the big city.  My dad asked if we wanted to bring that little gun back with us in our checked bag, but I thought more grandkids could enjoy it at his house.

On Sunday on our drive past Jamesport, the Amish were all at home or in church, so the boys didn't see any buggies and horses. But on Monday's drive back from the shooting range, my dad took JB and the boys to H&M Country Store, run by the Amish, and Andrew apparently fell in love with their hats for sale.

Cute little farmer, right?

Later on Monday we all went to see the new Beauty and the Beast at the movie theater. It was the second time for my parents but my mom loved it and wanted to go again. And I loved it, too.  I think the big boys really enjoyed the battle at the castle at the end, and recognized some of the actors from Harry Potter and other movies.

The next post is the last one, about visiting Legoland Discovery Center before our flights home.

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