Wednesday, September 28, 2016

Two months

Millie turned two months old on September 18, but this is finally posting now because I wanted to include her stats from her (late) 2 month checkup today. She weighs 12 pounds 2 ounces, the 72nd percentile, and is 24 inches long, the 91st percentile. Our boys were 13 and 14 pounds at this age, but I saw at the doctor's office that girls have a different growth chart.

More pictures from her photoshoot.

I had to keep positioning her bow and straightening her dress. She is moving her arms and legs and head a lot more now. Ben carried her back inside when JB was done with pictures on the grass.

In the last month, Millie-girl has been to sushi lunch with the Deardeuffs.

And a wedding with the Richards.

Many mornings we go on long walks with James and Daddy after the 3 older boys go to school.  I will miss this when I go back to work :(   In the picture below, the baby got sad because I had her facing forwards in the double jogger and the sun got in her eyes.  So JB carried her home several blocks.

So the next time I put her back in her carrier so she could face me and have more shade. I also thought the sunbonnet I made may help.

"How YOU doin?"

One morning I realized we matched.

I have only left her a couple times, like for book group and for an appointment. JB texts me pictures to let me know she is just fine.

When he holds our babies, I think he looks like he is in his 20s again. Heart-eyes emoji.

Millie says "goo!" now and smiles lots.  She gulps and slurps while nursing, so she needs good burpings, and she spits up a fair amount so we have to protect our clothing. Oh, and she does epic yellow blowouts. So different than our last, colicky non-pooping baby at this stage. Lately she is fond of cluster feeding and cat-napping until 10 or 11 PM, then going for a 5-6 hour stretch. This will have to change when I need to start going to bed early and getting up early again, or we'll have another constant co-sleeper.

Monday, September 26, 2016


The annual school jogathon fundraiser this year was Andrew's first, and Max's last. (Here are two posts about previous races)

Having children in kindergarten, third grade and 6th grade means I was there for the whole thing. I was glad, too, because I have missed a bunch of the running in the past while at work.  They did it in grade order, so the 3 year old and the baby and I had to wait around in between watching the brothers.  JB came for Andrew's race but then had to go get more work done. Lots of parents in fact were there to watch the Kindergarteners; but the 6th graders had just a smattering of watchers. Old hat and all.

Anywho, Andrew ran a lot and I kept saying, "He's so cute out there!"

A couple times, he ran right by the ladies marking the laps on the kids' arms, so I had them give him two more marks. I knew Ben would ask him how many laps he ran, and demand the proof.

Doing red-faced stretches to cool down.

Here are James and Millie waiting around for two grades to finish before Ben's third grade turn.

Now Ben!

Competitive much? He's comparing marks with his friends instead of stretching afterward.

Then two more grades to wait through, before Max and the sixth graders.  Millie had nursed in the corner of the playground and was now in the front pack. James was mad at me that we were still there.

Now Max!

After a few laps, I called out to him passing by "Good luck! We have to go home before a meltdown!" and he ran over, grabbed my water bottle, poured it all over his head, and kept going. By this time it was close to noon and hot. I had a fleeting notion of running with the boys next year like some hip young moms in stretch pants, but, it may be more fun just to watch and cheer from the shade.

Friday, September 23, 2016


Jamesy is....strong-willed. Others may have been potty-trained before him, but, the timing never quite right. When it appeared he may have been ready to start trying, I was sick and pregnant. When JB and I were ready, he was not. And kids win these battles.

As it is, I subscribe to my mom's approach to not really try before 3 years old anyway for a boy.  James's pediatrician at his 3 year checkup in early summer said to wait for a bit until after the baby came, to help him be settled into the change. I have potty-trained all the others while breastfeeding a new baby anyway.

Normally I hate detest and despise the process of potty-training. This time went much better. I think because we were both ready. And I did potty-training intense boot camp this time. We were getting 'er done!

On the Monday that Millie was 6 weeks old (so 4 weeks ago this coming Monday), I parked James in the bathroom with a sticker chart, tons of fun drinks and shows. Daniel Tiger take the wheel!

I sat beside him nursing the baby and reading books. Thankfully he prefers the toilet instead of the little potty, because cleaning that thing out is not my cup of tea.

Thankfully I have a 12 week maternity leave and not a 6 week one. I stuck by James's side for 2-3 days, pounding the drinks and praising every clearly well-hydrated drop in the proverbial bucket. We became very close.

(Happy about the praise for a poo)

By that Thursday, he refused a diaper at night and had no accidents so we walked to the snow cone shack to celebrate. JB and Ben were at the first U of U home football game so they couldn't squeeze into the picture below.

He still isn't 100% on poos -- he holds onto them for days (like Ben did) and needs coaxing and bribing with gum to finally get the whole thing out in the pot instead of underwear spots. But overall  I would say this was the fastest we have potty-trained a boy ever (here are some other posts on previous processes).  


(knock on wood)

Thursday, September 22, 2016

Dads and Kids

The annual ward Dads and Kids campout was a few weekends ago, and I can't believe how much fun these boys had. Kids need dads and the outdoors. This place near Heber sounds amazing. There was a zipline:

And boating. This boy did not want to let go of that oar.

Happy as a clam.

But Andrew was nervous at first. He sat low in the boat, until he realized his dad would keep him safe.

They called me close to 10 pm to say goodnight. In the morning, James had moved up by Andrew's head.

This was James's first campout of any kind. He's 3, but our first boy we had camping much earlier.

Andrew was happy to sit and eat breakfast by his good friend Ryker.

All the Richards boys together.

And the Richards girls? We ran errands, bought new ankle boots for momma, and watched Gilmore Girls together.
I think she liked it.

Monday, September 12, 2016

Blessing Day

One week ago, our sweet last baby was blessed in church. It seems like time is flying by. I didn't want the day to end.  It was beautiful weather, and we had so many loved ones there.

Mother-daughter. I just cut 5 inches off my hair two days before this. Millie's hair hasn't fallen out yet, it is still tufty blonde in the back.

She was a great baby all day. She didn't cry, or spit up our blow out in her dress, and I hear she stared up at her daddy the whole blessing.

Pauline made her dress and worked on it for a long time. I cried when I saw it. It has a dainty design stitched on the top, sleeves, and bottom hem.

Here is what she wrote on Facebook about the process: "I made Millie's dress, slip and panties. I used embroidery designs from My Fair Lady and and they stitched out perfectly. The woven, heat away stabilizer was perfect. And every trace of the stabilizer came out when it was pressed."

It is on display in her room for a while (because I love to look at it) but I ought to see about safely storing it for her as she grows up. She may have a daughter some day.  After all, our four boys were all blessed in JB's same blessing outfit.

Here are both sets of grandparents.

I didn't expect any Missouri family to come, because that is a long way to go, and my mom's health isn't the greatest, but my parents, a sister, and two brothers all made the trip out. My brother Joe was also there not many days after spinal fusion surgery.  And JB's sister and family came from Idaho, and almost every one of his other siblings came, too. Plus all those cute cousins on both sides!

My mom brought the sweet crocheted dress to show me that she made for my younger sister's first baby girl. It is dainty and reminds me of Emily.  When Millie wears it to church she will have something to share with her MO family. 

Saturday, September 10, 2016


Football season is here! Apparently the primary children thought JB and I were ready back on May 14, when I was still pregnant, and we went to the ward Senior Luncheon. The primary made placecards for everyone...and gave me a BYU one and JB a Utah one. Rivalry game is tonight, so, we will see who is smiling afterward :/

Here are other miscellaneous photos I found. This one is July 11, 7-11 free slurpee day.

And July 13 waiting for Lagoon to open.

Dressed up for church in August.

She is so much bigger now. It is amazing how fast babies grow. This one on the front porch on August 8th, says my iphone.

And this one of Jamesey is from August 9th. My cousins in CA have an online shop called Little Dainty Darlings and they sent me bows.

Max is a very good baby-holder.

I have two carriers, a Bjorn front pack I got years ago from Kid-to-Kid, and a Boba wrap my friend gave me.

I find the Bjorn is good for a quick trip, but for the longer walks I am trying lately, she can cuddle in the wrap and sleep like she is swaddled.

Baby weight with number 5 is slow to leave. She is 8 weeks old on Monday, so I know I should be patient, but man it just flew off with my first baby, and I gained the same amount. I figure I have the rest of my life to have a smaller chest and fit into all my pants, but I only have now to feed a baby.