Thursday, June 28, 2012


The Judds got together for a big reunion in Coalville. This is my mother-in-law's mother's family. If I remember correctly, there were ten children in that family, and the posterity is legion.

Pauline pretty much did everything to get the reunion all together.  And JB smoked lots of pork over two days.

John Robert/Feller/Pappa helped push the swings.

We worked hard to get Andrew to smile for the camera.

The entertainment for the kids was top-notch. Melty beads, bubbles, activities, and face-painting!

These two tigers are pretty fierce, huh?

Benny-tiger found a spot sheltered from the breeze where he could eat his treats.

Finally the rest of our family got talked into getting our faces painted.

These two.  Here are the cousins on top of the monkey bars.

After the reunion we checked out the small home where the Judd family was raised. Benny scampered off but here's JB, Andrew, Pauline and Max-tiger standing in front.

At the reunion I found out the extended family includes a state senator/county mayoral candidate (we chatted - I've interviewed him before), and some former members of the BYU Ballroom dance touring team. I totally recognized them from 12 years ago. And I went up and said hi.

Monday, June 25, 2012

Good eats and good company

This June we had our annual BBQ for our Home Teaching and Visiting Teaching families. Somehow over the years it has grown a lot.  People got grandfathered in when changes happened, then one year JB smoked a lot more meat than we needed, so we started calling around and anyone who was home was invited that night. Then THEY got grandfathered in.

So, two Saturdays ago, we had 96 adults and children in our backyard.

Two long tables went along the side under the pine tree.

Two tables alongside the garage on our deck.

Our patio furniture off the deck and in a corner of the yard.

Chairs set up in another corner of the yard.

And children on the ground.

The pitmaster JB made sure everyone got smoked ribs, pulled pork and turkey. Then they ate their fill of all the food they brought themselves (Music Man reference. Couldn't help it.  People brought sides to share)

Our neighbor Justin is such a ham. He had all the kids laughing on the swing set.  By the way, it sure held up under all those kids.  It's like it passed its annual safety inspection.

Benny and his friend Timmy disappeared, then reappeared after rifling through the Halloween box.  It was basically the night's entertainment, watching Batman fight a dragon.

We had so much fun with everyone and hope they did too.  But wow, next year we may have to slim it down, sorry to say.

PS  To the person who brought the delicious potato salad: your glass bowl is sitting on my kitchen counter.  You know who you are.  Alas, I do not.

Thursday, June 21, 2012


We are always outside these days. Unless it's 100 degrees. Then our pale faces get all red and flushed, we get grumpy and listless, and only Otterpops can save us.

Doesn't JB do such a great job with our lawn, yard, bushes and other greenery?

Andrew helps him mow.

Nothing like a swing to help those two front teeth grow back in.

No, we don't make Benny wear a helmet to play outside.  He just really wants to be a football player.  Or a superhero. Or a firefighter. 

Monday, June 18, 2012


The boys are getting braver! What's the fun of season passes to Lagoon (thank you thank you, Papa!) if you don't go on any whip-you-around make-your-tummy-tickle rides? And now they are tall enough to do some big ones.

Here they are before one of those whip-you-around ones.

Then they got squished together around the turn.

Andrew is now big enough for some rides, too!

Like the boats.

And the cars.

Those nice bigger brothers make sure he is all set.

And Papa entertains him when he's waiting for Max and Daddy to come off the skyride.

Benny and I don't really like the sky ride, so we wait. (I've blogged about it before. When it stops and sways a bit, I seriously freak out and imagine my babies falling to their deaths).

My baby likes lemonade, too.  I must also publicly thank Papa for the meal tickets.  A hungry Richards is a grumpy Richards.

Last week JB took just Max and Ben and their friend Andy to Lagoon.  Andy makes the boys braver. They did all sorts of coasters and upside-down-thingys.  They came back raving about the big stuff they did and how much fun it was.  This is good. This is very good. 


Because when I was 16 at Six Flags, I prayed to God OUT LOUD for a ride to stop so I could get off.  I'm braver now. Sort of.

Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Me sleeping

Don't call our house between 1 and 3 PM. Don't text me, don't call my cell, don't knock on the door. Somewhere in the middle of that time period we are having quiet time!

Now that Max is out of school he and Benny are allowed to watch a show for their quiet time, though I've also suggested books and toys -- as long as it's QUIET! And Andrew hopefully naps at the same time, too.

I believe children need a rest in the afternoon everyday. I also believe I, after waking up at 3:35/3:45/3:55 (I hit snooze) to be on the radio, must have a nap.

Last week, Benny's quiet time wasn't so quiet. So I put him on the bed with me and gave him my cell phone.

Next thing I hear in my almost-asleep state is (stage whisper):

"Momma! I took a picture of you."

Me: "Whaaaa? (Snuffle) Hmmm, that's good. Shhhhhh."

There are 12 of these photos on my phone. Also 10 of the window.

Friday, June 8, 2012

No longer a first-grader!

School got out this week. Want to get a little weepy with me? Here's Max on the first day of school last fall.

Here's Max last Wednesday morning on his last day of school.

I want to put a brick on his head and keep him from growing so fast. He has loved Mrs Maher but now proudly says he is in second-grade. Not yet, son. We still have the summer!

Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Otterpops and popsicles

Somehow we have gotten into the habit of eating a popsicle or otterpop every day. It's hot, and it's a good treat (and bribe) after our walk/bike/scooter rides.

The boys were loving posing for JB, I couldn't pick just one photo. I love how Andrew was sticking out his tongue, too. What else will he learn from these older brothers of his?!

Sunday, June 3, 2012

Now that's a tent

Who says we never go camping?

I rigged blankets between the bunkbed, dresser, basketball hoop and closet door. The boys LOVED it. I was pretty proud of myself.

I let the boys sleep under it for three nights. Then I got tired of crawling under there to get to their clothes and books, so it came down with great fanfare.

While the boys posed in their sleeping bags, Andrew found a hat and a toothbrush.  He's always begging to suck on our toothbrushes, and he loves hats. "Eh?! Eh!" He'll beg.