Wednesday, May 29, 2013

So close....

Our garage door is now on!  Just need full power hooked up and stairs built to the storage area.

And if I make it until 9 PM tonight, that will be the longest I've ever been pregnant. Benny came 9 days early, Andrew 10 days early, and Max around 2 weeks early.

I would like to go to tonight's ward picnic.  And I would like to make it to tomorrow night's get together for me to eat frozen yogurt with the gals from church. It's a tradition we started last year for new babies.

But I've been having stronger-than-the-normal-Braxton-Hicks-but-not-painful-just-uncomfortable contractions on and off since last Saturday. What gives, baby?  It was enough on Monday for me to make sure my bag was packed all the way, and to get clothes packed for the boys to go to my in-laws. But the contractions stopped after a nap. Blessed, blessed naps.....

I have had to -- for 9 months -- sleep on a towel with my mouth open because of the constant spit. Last night I somehow closed down hard and bit my tongue again. In the morning after that happens my mouth hurts and I spit out dried blood.  I got teary-eyed the other day when someone I hadn't seen for a while was like, "You still have all the extra saliva?" I forget about it sometimes by chewing gum all day, but the stark reminder made me feel sorry for myself again.

But at least I have pills that work for heartburn. And I have such a comfy full-body pillow. And I feel such cute kicks inside. And I have such sweet boys and husband that do so much more than I ever can around the house. JB cooks such yummy yummy dinners, and got our bassinet all out of storage and fixed! Come on out when you are ready, baby, we are ready for you.

Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Jr Jazz trophy and medal day

The latest round of Jr Jazz ended the Saturday before last. Here's Andrew trying to sit on the bench with Benny's team.

Benny would like you to know how many baskets he made:

Here's his medal (which for a while he carried everywhere):

And Max not only got a medal, a boy on his team has a dad who works at a trophy shop. They all got personalized trophies -- so did JB the coach!

Saturday, May 18, 2013

Spring sing

Next week our Benny-boy graduates from preschool. He has loved his class and his teachers and the high school helpers at the program.

Recently they had their annual Spring Sing, and our boy got all dressed up in the suit his Nonna gave him.

He practiced his part for weeks, and so of course we all have it memorized too:
The Elephant
When people call this beast to mind, they marvel more and more.
At such a little tail behind, so large a trunk before.

We also know several new songs after his program.

These boys do love to climb and pose. Next up, preschool graduation, summer vacation, and then we have a kindergartener!

Thursday, May 16, 2013


What we've been up to when we have some spare time:

I sent these onesie dresses to my college friend Meredith who has a new baby girl. The one on the right I had had tucked away just in case I ever had a girl, that's why it's a bit wrinkled.

I made these superhero onesies for Suzanne's shower last week.

And JB trimmed the monster pine tree in our neighbor's yard that hangs over the fence into our driveway and brushes our house.  He also went around to her side and did more trimming for her, for which she was very grateful. 

Scary and attractive at the same time!

Monday, May 13, 2013

A race to the finish

I feel like it's a race between the garage finishing and this baby coming.

I am now 36 weeks along, and my other babies all came early. Our garage is aaaaallllmmmmoooossttt done. It's so close. I am anxious to nest and organize.

New concrete is down, paint is on and basketball hoop is up! Just need a few more things like the door, lighting and stairs. But there have been some days with no workers around. 

Here's a picture of me and JB's sister Suzanne at her shower last week (I copied this from her blog). We are due 2 days apart. Whose baby boy will come first?!

I got a quick surprise peek at my boy on Friday at my now-weekly checkup. They said I'm measuring big and took a look at the fluid levels. There's extra fluid, but it's not too bad they said. And my little guy had his hands near his face and I could see his profile. "Tell me your name and when you are coming to stay!" I said to the screen. He kicked me in return.