Thursday, April 13, 2017

Spring break-Missouri

Saturday morning we drove the 40 minutes or so to the Liberty Jail historic site owned by the LDS Church. This is where Joseph Smith and four other leaders of the early church were imprisoned for 5 months.

The jail floor is original but the rest is a replica. I remember coming here as a tween and later a teen (two different stints where my family lived in Northwest MO), because our stake center was down the street. It's where some of my siblings attend Stake Conference now, but my parents have since been split into the new Far West Stake.

Then we took a picnic to Penguin Park in the neighboring city of Gladstone where a big chunk of my siblings live now. My younger sister Emily met us there with her two little girls and my brother Stephen and his wife Sarah came with their brand new baby boy. This is an awesome park.

Lots of animals to climb on and through. 

After this park, we went to Emily's house.  Her baby is two weeks older than Millie but larger and able to sit up much more strongly. My boys adored Havala. Ben took her up and down the park ladders and slides.  I would love it if we lived closer!

So, for the time being, my youngest sister Sarah (20 years younger than me) lives there with Emily and Josh, and now Stephen and Sarah-in-law are living in the basement after their new baby.  My brother Seth and his wife Caitlin live 10 minutes away and are in the same ward. The Deardeuffs are taking over Gladstone, MO!

My parents drove down, and Bekah and James came over from the Kansas side, and we all had a make-your-own Sushi night dinner.  This is becoming a more regular thing, thanks to our evolving culinary tastes, and my big boys and JB liked it, too. We are a big group all together.

Emily's backyard is nice and big and perfect for LARP: Live Action Role Play.  She and Josh are quite involved in the local LARP scene.  They have big (foam/harmless) weapons that our boys were loving.

Then my brothers all jumped up and joined in but I was too busy laughing or visiting to take a picture of that. I think boys remain boys at heart, even when they are grown married men. 

That night we drove the 1 1/2 hours north to my parents house. And Andrew threw up in the car and then four times that night and I did twice. Some sort of fast-acting tummy bug! 

Next post- Chillicothe and surrounding area with my parents.

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Rachelle said...

Sad that y'all got sick. Love the make your own sushi idea.