Monday, November 30, 2009

Crochet madness

At the (victorious) (and cold) BYU game on Saturday I kept seeing these crocheted or knitted headbands everywhere. So I came home and made one for myself.

I made up the pattern, but I think I made it a row too wide. I found the flower pattern here. Kind of fun, but slightly bohemian I think. Oh well, it keeps my ears warm. It's different than the ones featured at ohsweetsadie, which are much wider in the front/top then narrow at the back:

In other news:

  • I covered the Black Friday crowds again this year. Cold and crazy!
  • Max has his new Mac truck and he and Benny are actually sharing pretty well most of the time.
  • JB smoked a turkey for Thanksgiving, and we have been loving the leftovers. I hope to post a picture of my chef with his creation soon.

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Brrrr, it's cold in here

You Bring it On fans must now have that cheer in your heads, right?

So, what do you do when it's cold outside? We just bundle up. Two growing, active, healthy boys can get tired in a 2,000 square foot house.

Benny won't keep his gloves on though, then his hands get cold, then he cries and wants to go inside, but Max doesn't want to go inside, so I send Benny in but he sobs without me, then he tries to bring his "Night-Night" outside but I won't let him because the blanket will get dirty, then he sobs some more, then Max tugs on my shirt saying, "Are you coming back outside?" It all ends well though when I pull out the hot chocolate.

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

New hobby

Lately I've been feeling all crafty. We learned how to crochet beanies for a Young Women activity and I can't quit!

Then I learned how to make fabric flowers to go on headbands, barettes, pins, etc and I've made a bunch of those. It can be addicting and really fun, but I know me. I kind of get tired of things after a couple of weeks. So no Etsy shop or booth at the next Oh Sweet Sadie sale for me. But I did get the above red necklace at the last sale, and plenty of ideas for projects if this crafty streak keeps up.

Sunday, November 22, 2009

F is for Freezing and Football

My friend Cindy and I braved the cold yesterday for the BYU-Air Force football game.

(I think I was leaning forward to tell the man that it was the silver button. He didn't do a 1,2,3 count either. Oh well, not a bad picture)

I had two hats on, two pair of gloves, two pants, etc. I brought hand warmers but all they did was turn Cindy's hands black. We also had blankets. But it wasn't too bad, and BYU won! Now just one more win....(sorry Utah fans, including Cindy's husband and mine, but I think this is BYU's year).

We had season tickets together but this was actually only the second game we've been to together. She took her oldest son to one game and I took mine to another game, and we sold our tickets to the Utah State game because we both couldn't go. But she's hopefully rushing back from her Thanksgiving trip to see next week's game against Utah. We BYU grads have to stick together in this neighborhood full of Utes.

Thursday, November 19, 2009

A reward that's just too good

In order to persuade Max to take his antibiotics morning and night for 10 days, we made up a reward chart like last time he had an ear infection and when he potty-trained. The above Mac toy from the "Cars" movie is perched on top of the fridge, waiting for him to fill his sticker chart.

It's helping Max but it's torturing Benny. "Momma look! Up high! Can't reach!" He doesn't get it. He wants it now! They LOVE the movie and would watch it every day. I may have to get him a prize too, though I was hoping to wait until his birthday around 2 weeks from now.

Good news is Max's ear doesn't hurt him any more. That first day of pain he would say "My brain hurts" or "My head hurts," and he would actually get mad at me when I referred to his ear. "No mom, it's my head!"

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Ode to calm

Yesterday I had a late day at work. I usually get home in the lunch hour but got home at naptime instead. JB was with the boys and our niece, sweet baby Jane, for the morning because of a baby-sitting pinch.

I walk in the door to see Jane-a-rooski perched in the middle of building blocks, trains, balls, and papers all over the living room floor, smiling and cooing.

JB was on the phone and laptop, trying to get some work done.

Benny had just gone to sleep in his crib.

Jane sped-crawled her way to me for some pick-me-up time.

Then Max came down the hallway, sobbing and clutching his ear, out of the room where he was doing his quiet time.

The next hour is a blur. It took a lot of soothing and holding my poor first-born as he dealt with what I knew must be a raging, throbbing ear infection. JB and I both had to make sure Jane didn't tear my purse apart or eat Max's rock collection (I forget what 11-month-olds like to do!) while I called the pediatrician's office and held the phone to my ear for the long holding time. At the same time I logged on to their website to see if that was a faster way to get an appointment.

I got in for 4 PM.

That meant more time soothing Max, who by now was practically hysterical, while hoping he didn't upset Jane or wake up Ben. Finally I coaxed some Tylenol into him and took him for a drive. He fell asleep on the drive so I carried him into the doctor's office. I'm sure that looked funny; his long legs draped down.

Sure enough, he has an ear infection. That meant more coaxing, bribing and cajoling to get him to take his first dose (of 10 days' worth) of the prescription antibiotics that night.

But through it all JB remained so calm -- like a rock. Like one of the rocks Jane kept trying to eat actually. He entertained Jane and cuddled Benny, who by the evening was getting tired of Mommy spending so much time with Max.

Now, in the nice quiet evening hours, it's calm again. Max is feeling better, Benny is over his sickness too, and both are sleeping soundly. JB is going to be home soon from a meeting, and I'm glad. It's going to be nice to spend time with him again.

Saturday, November 14, 2009

A snowy anniversary

Six years ago today JB and I got married. Good thing it wasn't a snowy day like today! It was clear, sunny and probably around 50 degrees. Today, much different. But still fun.

Where did the time go? And where did these two boys come from that helped shovel the yard then brought their wet, snowy gear inside and needed some hot chocolate and cuddles?

I think I'll keep them.

Thursday, November 12, 2009


On Tuesday I read some tips about how to keep illness from spreading in your family. Things like the following:

* Keep the sick person away from others as much as possible.
* Ensure the sick person covers their coughs and washes their hands often with soap and water or an alcohol-based hand sanitizer - especially after coughing or sneezing.
* Have everyone in the household clean their hands often.
* Ask your healthcare provider if household contacts of the sick person - such as those with chronic conditions - should take antiviral medications to prevent flu.

I'm interested in these tips because Max has been coughing since Friday, even though his fever is now gone. But now Benny has a fever and is sad and sick. I'm sure JB and I are next. We all got our flu shots, and the boys have had their first swine flu shots but every other bug is out there. Just try calling your doctor's office. Mine barely answers the phone because they are so busy.

So how on earth can you keep siblings and parents from making each other ill? Those tips are fine, but honestly, in a small house with toddlers/preschoolers, you can't really quarantine a child in a room and expect him to stay quarantined. There's also only so much hand washing and wiping of toys you can reasonably do without OCD.

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Christmas mood

Some of you may know that for a few months now I've also been doing on-air work for our sister station as well as my own. It's even more fun now that they are playing Christmas music!

I know, I know. Too soon and it's annoying. Same with the Christmas store displays. Don't forget Thanksgiving, people! But, I have such a fondness for Christmas music. I've started sneaking in some of the songs at night when I sing to the boys at bedtime. It's not fair to limit such great songs to only a couple weeks a year.

But getting into the holiday mood makes me nervous about gifts. My wedding anniversary is this week, then comes Benny's 2nd birthday, then Christmas. I think we'll get the boys more of the same -- balls, trains, cars, etc. Maybe JB would like the same for his gifts too?

Sunday, November 8, 2009


Look at that face. Doesn't it look like he's planning something devious? Muahahahaha.

Thursday, November 5, 2009

A bug and Max sings

Weird that during a week on a cruise ship with thousands of passengers and crew I don't get sick. But I'm back in Utah for a couple days and I catch a bug. I threw up Monday night but was better by Wednesday mid-day. Now Max is a little funny feeling but hopefully after a good night's sleep he'll be better.

Speaking of Max, my little sister Rachel (who just moved to Utah, yippee!) took this video of him yesterday singing along with his favorite movie, "Cars."

Tuesday, November 3, 2009


Just a few pictures of the cruise in the Caribbean. We may have found our future home in either the US Virgin Islands (St Thomas and St John) or in the British Virgin Islands, like Tortola below:

There is one problem with our retirement plan. We are pale people, who must cover up or face sunburn -- or skin cancer some day.

We also went to Samana, Dominican Republic, where Rubio took us around in this contraption I guarantee won't pass inspection in the US.

Getting up the hills felt like una milagro (a miracle).

Sunday, November 1, 2009


We are back from our vacation. Having children waiting at home is the only thing that brings you back from white sandy beaches and all you can eat cruise ships.

Yes, we went on another cruise. This one was rather spur of the moment but my work has been anxious to have people use their vacation days, and friends of ours had airfare to use by Nov 1 so we went. The boys loved their week with their Papa and Nona and Aunt Suzanne, (go here for pictures of their trip to the U game together and here for pictures of a trip to Lagoon) but we were all very glad that we made our connection in Atlanta so we could get back just in time to go trick or treating.

Here are a few pictures from last night.

Max got tired of his hood and Benny got tired of walking but they loved the whole concept. Once we got back to our house to get ready for bed, Max would run at various stages of undress to help the trick-or-treaters who came to our door. Hopefully no one minded.