Thursday, April 13, 2017

Spring break-Kansas

We are back from a wonderful spring break vacation in Kansas/Missouri, and we wish Utah had my parents/siblings, more BBQ, and all the fun things we did out there: fishing, shooting, sightseeing, LARPing, and being with my side of the family. I will outline these adventures in the next few posts.

We flew out last Thursday. This Millie-girl is a plane-riding champ. Nursed, napped, and didn't wiggle too much to get down. She just kept rattling the metal tray table and smiling at the people behind us. James and Andrew didn't do too bad, either. JB and I switched off who sat by whom on each leg of the journey.

Our first stop when landing in Kansas City is always this BBQ place on Mission Road. Formerly Oklahoma Joe's, it is now called Joe's Kansas City BBQ. Millie sucked on the rib bones and was in hog heaven.

We met my brother James there, and I didn't even get a picture with him!  He lives nearby.  We checked out his beautiful house and cute new Corgi dog Sybil, and he taught the boys how to play Zelda (we have no video game systems at our house). Then we drove not too far to Olathe, where we stayed with my sister Rebekah for two nights.  

The boys really enjoyed her house, first because she is so nice (our Jamesy said he wuved her) and second because she has two desk top computers and Minecraft. Big boys were allowed to play as long as they wanted.

On Friday we went with Bekah to the Deanna Rose Homestead, just 5 or so minutes from her house. A huge petting zoo, farmstead, baby animals, all kinds of stuff.   Ben and Andrew fed bottles to baby goats.

And Max caught a fish! 

It only took 45 minutes and every single worm he had, haha. He was down to the last bit of worm on his hook. My brother says that is a Bluegill. He released it and tossed it back in.

James loved this digger. He did that while Bekah helped me with the fisher-boys. She is the one who put worms on the hooks, and for that I am forever grateful.

It was cool enough for jackets but sunny enough that I got some sunburn at the fishing pond. Millie in the frontpack got a headband sunburn line on her head.

That night Bekah and I went out to dinner to celebrate her birthday, while the boys watched a movie at her house. She suggested RCs on the state line, and WOW. I regret not eating even more fried chicken and mashed potatoes than I did. Millie liked the green beans, too. That may need to be another restaurant staple on our trips. OH, and the cobbler. Sigh.

Next up, the Liberty Jail, LARPing and sibling sushi night.

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