Tuesday, February 13, 2018


Millie gives the BEST crusty scowls, hahaha.

At the park the other day, there was another girl named Millie or Milly or Amelia (the parents weren't very chatty), but any time they called for their girl, my Millie kept looking over like, "What?"

And she didn't like it, see below.

Also, she picked out her clothes and leg warmers and I love the outfit so much.

James just played and played on this slide. He is an Andominous Rex below.

I played a game where I would surprise him at the bottom, and I caught part of it on photo!

Andrew couldn't stop playing with these glasses and cross-eyes during the Super Bowl. He wanted to see all the pictures I took.

This girl just loves to nurse still, and she is quite the acrobat. I have more pictures from this same outside session, where she was almost upside down. I sent a picture to my younger sister and my neighbor, who both also have 18 month old nursers.

I don't have many pictures of Max and Ben playing -- Max is busy with play practice til 7 at night these days. As for Ben, I do have a lot of video of him playing basketball for his ELP project. Trick shots and dribbling, and one final "peace out!" swish.

Saturday, February 10, 2018


We are having fun with Millie's hair as it gets longer. Recently she wore pigtails for the first time to church!

My sister-in-law Susan said her trick is to have her daughter watch a show in order to hold still. The boys were all so intrigued and interested in the process. "She looks so cute!" "She looks older!"

She wouldn't look up from the show. It was "Boss Baby." She LOVES that show. She asks for it constantly. "Baby! Baby?"

One morning JB was getting her dressed to run errands, and he got her jacket on, and she put her hands on her head and said "Bow!"

It is wispy hair and like a mullet, and it gets ratty in the back often, but it is the longest we have ever had on a child and it is too much fun.

Wednesday, February 7, 2018

Andrew the baller

Andrew's first Junior Jazz basketball season is now in the books.

He was the cutest little player, hustling back and forth. The coach was our neighbors' son-in-law and he was so great with the kids.

This was the second-to-last game. JB sat by Andrew when he took a break not long after scoring a basket. They are so cute. (We had had a baptism that morning)

It was fun to be back in the gym where it all started with Max years ago. Max and Ben kept exclaiming about the play -- "They don't call travels/!" "They don't allow steals?!"

I always took lots of pictures of the kids on the sidelines.

And I would try to get video of Andrew as I tried to catch his highlights. I think he is too nice, and would give up the ball easily to more aggressive players.

Do you know who is aggressive? James. Look at that grip on Millie's head and neck as he kept giving her kisses on the bench.

I did have to tell Ben to stop giving Andrew so much advice. I think he was confusing him with tips about cross dribbling and blah blah, while his coach was just trying to get the basics down. But I know it was all out of love!

Tuesday, February 6, 2018


My grandma Ruth passed away last weekend. She was 96 years old. My parents went to the funeral in Washington State. Here's a picture I took from my aunt's Instagram post of the Vernie Deardeuff children and spouses who were there.

I asked my dad, a grandpa of 16, if it was weird that his sisters are grandmothers, and he said "Yeah, we are all just kids!"

My grandma Deardeuff died when I was little and we were living in Peru. I remember my dad flying to the states for the funeral.

A year or so later, my grandpa Vernie married Ruth, and they have been married almost 30 years.  Here's a picture from when JB and I visited them in Oak Harbor, WA in 2009

Vernie and Ruth would visit us in Missouri when I was a tween and teen. They would go to Branson to see some shows (those Osmonds!), and then come up to see us. My grandpa was a Stake Patriarch for years, and he gave me and my siblings our patriarchal blessings. They served a mission in Tallahassee, Florida together, and served in the Seattle temple twice a week for years. 

I liked how they seemed to take care of each other well.  She would comb his hair on the way out the door for example. Their church service was a great example to me. We always exchanged Christmas cards. Many more of my cousins knew them much better, because they lived closer or were able to visit much more often.

I did not go to Ruth's funeral because Millie is still nursing and I didn't want to leave her or take her that long way. Plus JB, as our bishop, had a funeral to take care of during the same time, of a long-time member of our ward. My brother Michael and his family live in Seattle and they went.

When my parents drove back from the funeral, they stopped to stay at my brother Joe's house in Springville this weekend. He has a tiny bit more room than we do for guests. Here we are together, with cute Kaylee in front. 

I've been worried about how my mom handled the drive. And if they will have to make it again soon. I worry that now that Ruth is gone, my 95 year old grandpa may soon follow. But my dad says he's staying with my aunt and her family now, and seems to be doing well. 

I just have to add that while at Joe's, we had to see his animals.

Ben came out with a large hissing cockroach on his sleeve but I did not get a picture of that. I was too busy squealing.

Monday, January 29, 2018


It snowed last week -- finally! And today it's just about all melted. But we had fun while it lasted.

Andrew: "Try eating the snowflakes as they fall from the sky, mom!"

Max the tall shoveler.

Selfie from my phone

Selfie from JB's phone. 
(With the double-shooter from Ben in the background.)

JB scooped that snowman together in record time, and James was so happy. He was super-involved in the process and so cute about it. 

In the backyard was the beginning of an igloo. Ben started it, and came back in all sad that no one was helping him. So I shoveled and packed a bunch together with him.

Millie wanted to be outside ("boots!" "Side!" "No!' (snow)) but she did not like getting cold or wet. Andrew plumb forgot his coat until I stuck one on him. Ben refuses to wear a coat, even on his daily dog-walking job. Max sometimes wears his coat inside because he feels cold a lot. And all those wet mittens ended up in a clump inside.

I feel like every other year we get either a ton of snow, or a bunch of warm stretches.  In looking back over the blog, I see similar themes. In this December 2012 post, Andrew also ate snow and Ben also wanted me to build an igloo. At the end of this December 2014 post, James is the same age as Millie and also had a love/hate relationship with the snow. In November 2010 we got lots of snow. I was very pregnant with Andrew and I remember walking to school to get Max from kindergarten and worrying about ice patches. A few months later, JB took the cutest pictures of the original four Richards cousins sledding near Jane and Emily's house.

December 2015 had lots of snow that went into January 2016. And in December 2009 My younger brother Seth went into the MTC and it was really snowy. We couldn't find our little brother's grave for a while. I think that was the winter I sent a picture to my sister of the snowbank by our house that was taller than two year old Benny's head.

I have also posted about warmer spells, like January 2011 when it got into the 40s and we felt like new people again.  And February 2015 when we went to the park a lot. I think we are due to go to the park again today! It's supposed to be 56 degrees.

Saturday, January 27, 2018

Crocheting on the edge

I think winter time brings out the crochet bug in me.  And, new babies coming among friends and family and ward members makes me want to make gifts. Behold my growing pile of baby burp cloths and bibs.

I also have growing piles of baby things I am sorting through to give away or donate.  Things like baby toys, girl clothes, and books. I found the baby names book JB and I were given 13 years ago.

I also gave away my main book on breastfeeding, but I should have re-read the chapter on weaning. I can't seem to do it!

Anyway, besides the baby burp clothes, I have been crocheting around handkerchiefs for gifts. I like the tiny work around the edge.

I work on them while listening to Max talk about his day, or Ben talk about his Lego MOC, or while the littles play nearby.  I work on them instead of folding laundry right away (#PilestoFoldBeforeISleep), or instead of keeping my house cleaner.

It's a stress reliever for me and I am hooked on it lately. The phase shall pass and then I'll get back to other stuff I guess. Hopefully exercising! It's been nice weather and I ought to get outside on daily walks again.

Tuesday, January 23, 2018

Max update

Max is busy.

Middle school, ELP/honors classes, orchestra concerts, viola practice, the school play, basketball practice, basketball games, scouts, Young Mens, babysitting, neighbor housesitting, science fair, book reports....

I feel like he doesn't get much down time some days. One day he talked about a pain in his chest and I think it was totally stress-related.  So I am trying to talk to him about ways to alleviate stress and juggle all these things in his life. Some of them are phasing out now, so that's good. I don't think he should do this many things again at the same time, but he committed and is following through.

He continues to look for joy, though. Recently he and JB went to the scouts over-night Klondike winter camp.

He told me he had a great time. This warmer winter means it wasn't too cold up there.

This month, the youth in our ward went to do baptisms in the temple. JB and Max are on the back row.

We miss Max on his long days. He eats dinner by himself sometimes, so I sit with him to talk to him. I am glad JB is bishop right now in order to experience many things with our oldest boy. When JB is released, Ben will be moving up into the age group but Max will be there to help him I hope.