Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Sick Andrew

All through the winter I kept thinking we were so lucky we didn't have any major illness in our house. While everyone around us at work, church, online etc was coming down with the flu or awful flu-like illnesses, we stayed free of it all.

In February I think we had a couple days where some of us had a 2-day case of the colon-cleansing trots (TMI?). Then there was a night when Benny threw up in the bathroom sink -- but hey, at least he made it to the sink and not the carpet or his bed! We'll work on aiming for the toilet next time. Andrew caught that bug too but was better soon.

But this week, Spring brought us a pretty sick Andrew. For three days he had a fever, barely ate, and just wanted to sleep or lay on the couch in his jammies or be held.

I think he preferred lying on JB. I'm way more curvy these days and he slides off my shrinking lap. Plus my tummy tends to kick and move and JB's doesn't.

We would coax him to drink to stay hydrated. I felt so bad for him.  But he is now perking up, and yesterday wanted waffles. Waffles it was for my boy! Even for dinner. Glad to see him back to squealing and laughing and talking and eating.

Saturday, March 23, 2013

March Madness

JB has had quite the March Madness -- he's been watching some games in person!

On Thursday afternoon our friend Greg called him up, saying he and his dad Rex had an extra ticket and would JB like to come down to ESA and watch some games? It didn't take too much encouragement from me to get him out the door. One of the games he saw was the Harvard upset.

Then today, our friend "Sowb" called with an extra ticket from a buddy, and would JB like to come with him to watch some games? Even better because it was the 10th row, mid-court.

The first game Harvard lost pretty badly. The second game was Gonzaga -- and lookee there, the Stocktons were all just feet away from JB to watch their boy play.

JB felt bad for them when Gonzaga lost. How can you help but keep looking over at such a sight?

I think it's so cool he got to go. I remember seeing months ago when the tickets went on sale that it would be a fun gift for JB. But not at those prices. So this worked out perfectly!

Wednesday, March 20, 2013

News and Notes

-We are talking more about the upcoming baby to get Andrew ready.  We ask, "Where's Daddy?" "Right dere!" he'll say, etc. But when we say, "Where's the baby," Andrew points to himself:: "Right here!"

-I think he's starting to get it. Yesterday when I talked more to him about the baby in my tummy, and he said to my belly button, "Come out, baby!"

-Andrew has started to pat (shove) my tummy.  He used to do it to my chest but now the tummy sticks out farther, so, there you go.

-Benny lately says he's hungry all the time.  We'll have just eaten dinner, and a half-hour later he's begging me for something to eat. He would be happy to snack on the hour I think. Hobbit.

-Max loves Cafe Rio. LOVES their salad. I share mine with him and now he eats more of it than I do. It may be time to buy him his own entree.

-People set up 529 plans to save for their kids college education; I think we need a savings plan to pay for all the food to feed teenage boys based on the amount they eat right now.

-But, if we serve something new or sketchy in their eyes, they are perfectly fine to go without dinner and say they are not hungry. Their choice.

-Like for example, the Peruvian Arroz con Pollo I made for the first time last week, to feed us and to take to International night at church:

-The boys didn't like the color (c'mon, I blended cilantro and garlic and sauteed onions!) but it did remind me of my youth so I liked it.

-That marked the first time in a long time I made a complex dish for dinner. Oh, I cook at home sometimes, but I'll do pretty easy stuff.  I don't know how JB and all of you out there do it everyday, standing over a hot stove for so long.

Monday, March 18, 2013

Goodbye, Garage

This week our garage is coming down, in order for us to get a brand new, two-car garage!

We are very excited about the change --Max has been talking about it for weeks, and we've been thinking about it for years.  But we are sad to see some other changes that must take place for this to happen. Mainly, the deck and attached playset must be torn down, too. These were big pluses when we bought the house 9 years ago, and we've loved having them so much.

Here's Max over the years on top:

Here's a baby Benny eating rocks underneath:

It's been a play area for kids during barbecues or playdates:


And the deck has held countless family dinners and barbecues with friends.

All the boys learned to ride in the driveway in front of the garage (this is a 2 or 3 year old Max).

And the basketball hoop has seen a lot of action over the years  (this is me on a chair with a 4 year old Max) :

(And this is my brother Joe lifting up a smaller Benny:)

Thankfully we were able to safely take the hoop down, and we will put it up again when the new garage is here.

The new garage will be set to the very back of our property, making much more space for bike and trike riding and hoops-shooting in the driveway in front of it.

We plan to park in it (what's this? Parking INSIDE a garage in this neighborhood? Awesome!)

But best of all, it will come with tons more storage space in the upstairs part.  My nesting mode is itching to kick in full-time, and hopefully in just a few weeks I will be able to move holiday decorations, camping gear, boys' clothing and more out to the garage to make room for a fourth child to join our family.

Monday, March 11, 2013

The Great and Terrible

This is Andrew. Aka: 


(Andrew in Las Vegas last month with horsey, a prize JB won. Never give my man a coupon for a free game and think you'll come out on top. He will take that basketball hoops shooting game to TOWN)

Drewber is also a:


In other words, we have a full-fledged sweet-and-smiley one minute, tantrum-throwing the next, Great and Terrible two-year-old!

The saints preserve us.

Monday, March 4, 2013

26 weeks along...just keep swimming

I am posting this picture for my Mom in Missouri (if she still checks the blog? Hint hint?) because sometimes she wonders how my baby bump is looking.

 I wore this to work this morning and never have I had so many people comment on my pregnancy -- one TV producer even came up and started talking to my belly. Kinda cute, very weird....

I think it must be that the past week or so I have really popped out. And this shirt is more flattering than some of the other baggier shirts I have (thanks Autumn!). It hugs the curves.

Sometimes JB will walk by and say, "Ummm, honey, I think you might be pregnant.... should we tell your parents?" It makes me laugh every time.

So I was 26 weeks along last Friday. Or, in other words, 14 weeks to go. I countdown because as much as I enjoy feeling the sweet baby kicks and getting fun attention at work and church, I am so so tired of all this extra spit. I sleep on a towel on my pillow, I chew gum all day until my jaw hurts, and sometimes I slip and bite my tongue or cheek.  I have positive moments where I think of my blessings, and very hard moments where I just feel sorry for myself.

It is fun, though, because three sisters-in-law are also due with babies this summer as well. JB's two sisters, and my brother Joe's wife are all having their first babies. It's fun to compare symptoms and talk about doctor appointments and discuss names. I try not to sound too bossy or experienced, though. After all, this is my fourth! So strange how fast life goes.