Wednesday, February 24, 2010


Ever wonder how often you use your left ring finger? Well, so far typing this post I've used it 7 times. 8. It's used for the w, s, and x keys for example. I'm paying more attention to this now because I smushed that particular finger pretty badly yesterday.

How did I smush said finger? I was on a walk with Max and Ben (ouch there on the x key). Max on his bike, Benny in the wagon. We wandered over 2 streets to drop off a thank you card to good friends, then up that street to loop over and come back home.

We paused in front of a home in our neighborhood that has 3 darling children around my children's ages. Those children were peering outside their window, saw us, and came pouring out of the house.

Joy! Rapture! Fun times!

Next thing I know Max and Benny are playing with their friends' toys and vowing never to leave. Benny started to melt down (full-on, on the floor sobbing) when I tried to coax them away. This was almost dinner time after all. Noah spots Max's bike and wants to race. The garage door rolls up -- and Max and Benny spot a cool riding toy inside. I quickly went to roll down the garage door so as to avoid a tricky conversation about why we couldn't take the toy home with us, when, smush! My two finger tips got caught.

JB likes to tease me about my low pain threshold. It took all my powers and prayers to cooly and calmly lift the door again, free my fingers and make sure no one noticed. I didn't want them to worry or freak out. But it hurt!

The middle one is much better today. But I think my fingernails may turn some interesting colors soon.

Friday, February 19, 2010

Crochet class

Lookee the cute flowers I made for my cute sisters.

They sent me this picture from Missouri. Emily is on the left, Sarah on the right. BTW, I'm 10 years older than Emily, and she's 10 years older than Sarah. Such is the spread of my family.

To spread the love, I invited a couple women from my neighborhood to come over Saturday at 10 AM to learn how to crochet these flowers and other fun little things. Anyone else who wants to come, feel free. I would of course also direct you to my neighbor Muranda, who is insanely talented in the crochet area.

Saturday, February 13, 2010


Benny lately has been obsessed with dressing up, or dressing down. So of course Max has to be his partner in crime.

His favorite outfit. Shorts, no shirt, knit hat, socks, and watershoes.

Their other favorite outfits -- camouflage pajamas from Aunt Sarah. They would wear them all day if we would let them. Sometimes we do.

Wednesday, February 10, 2010


(Max and Ben playing in luggage.)

Recently we had a little friend from Max's preschool over for a play date. They had a great time, but kept running into the room and slamming the door while giggling. I finally had to rather sternly talk to them about it. I was afraid Mason's fingers would get smashed, and what kind of mom would I be? No more play dates!

Anyway, as I was leaving the room, rather proud of the firm way in which I had handled it, I heard Max say the following:

"My mom's mean, right Mason?"


Sunday, February 7, 2010

I like

I made this hat for my sister Rebekah recently. Last month I did a creation exchange with Amanda (now moved to the east coast) and got a fantastic bag in exchange for some crocheted headbands. Click on her name to see my headbands for her and her bag for me -- I love it!

Then I put down the crochet hook for a while. I'm back to movies and books for my free time.

I watched a movie when JB was in Phoenix called "Miracle in the Rain," staring Van Johnson. It was so haunting. Then I read "The Alchemist" on the plane to Haiti and discussed it at January's book group. A guy on the plane called it live changing. I liked it all right I would say. I don't really feel like my life needs to be changed; I think things are going pretty well!

Then I read all the "Little House on the Prairie" books within a week or so, and had to read up all I could about Laura Ingalls Wilder. She fascinates me.

Now I'm really liking (strike that -- LOVING) the Masterpiece Classic version of "Emma" showing on Sunday nights. Although Jeremy Northam may always be Mr Knightly in my head when I read the book again, I must say Jonny Lee Miller is doing a really great job in this version. I liked him on the short-lived ABC show "Eli Stone." I also think Michael Gambon, aka Dumbledore, is really filling out the character of Mr Woodhouse.

Next up, "Anne of Green Gables" again for February book group. I'm leading the discussion and I have some ideas about how her feelings about her hair and dresses are a motif for how she views herself (it's not my idea; I read it on the internet somewhere).

Still to do: catch up on American Idol, Glee and Community. Maybe a chick flick too, like The Young Victoria.

Thursday, February 4, 2010

Cute cheeks and compliments

JB took this picture last week of the boys at McDonalds for a free Happy Meal. Look how happy! I now have this picture on my cell phone to show people. And when I do, I get the same response: "You have one of each! Max looks like JB and Benny looks like you, Mary."

I smile cuz I think so too. But my favorite was when a co-worker said, "Look at those chubby cheeks. Benny looks like you!" Ha ha.

Here's one more picture for fun, of Benny at last week's bouncy party. Look how his hair is flying! It's so light.

Tuesday, February 2, 2010


Last Thursday Max and Ben were invited to a birthday party for their second cousin (or is it first cousin once removed? It was JB's cousin Mark's son). They had a blast, and it was fun to see the Rasmussens again. Benny had quite the meltdown when it was time to leave, because look how fun!

Max was all red and sweaty in just a few minutes. It's great to run around and play in the winter time in an indoor bouncy gym.