Saturday, April 27, 2013

Jr Jazz update

We are loving this second go around of Jr Jazz this spring.  It's been so great to watch the boys' confidence grow and see them not hesitate to go after the ball or get a rebound. I like how they really try to remember the things they are learning, too.

Benny in action:

Max in action:

Benny's team:

Max's team:

JB the coach in action:

Their biggest - er, littlest -- fan.

Monday, April 22, 2013

April happenings

Andrew loves treats. Like suckers.

Or gum he found stuck to a book.

Benny loves artwork at preschool and at home.  I love JB's idea of taking pictures of the boys with their creations.

Max pulled out a loose tooth all on his own. Then the tooth fairy forgot to come for two nights.

But he was a good sport about it.

Saturday, April 20, 2013

Garage update

It seems so long since we've seen this view:

How quickly it came down! And these boys love the machines that have been in our backyard.

And in the front. Andrew loved the cement mixer.

That's our neighbor's shed. The fence will go back up after the garage is up. It's been fascinating to watch the whole process.

Then, this past week, bam! Walls and roof!

Here's one from my phone taken yesterday from my window.

It's pure entertainment every day.  Now if it would only stop raining, then I could actually let the boys into the backyard again to get closer to the garage. There's no way I'm letting that mud into the house.

Thursday, April 11, 2013

This and that

1) We see this a lot when we look into the backyard. A big dirty hole where the garage was.

First the footings had to be poured, then cure, then it rained for a while.

But things are starting to get going now, and I'm told they should go fast from here on out. I'm going to be in full nesting mode soon and will want to get the house and new garage storage space organized, and get out the baby gear and all that stuff, so I'm glad to hear the time table won't be bad.

 2) Facebook friends saw my post about this note I wrote for Max after he swallowed his loose tooth while eating lunch. It's the second time he's done that! He just won't let us touch those dangling flappers in there.

He wrote the part about "2 dollars please" He didn't get that much, but thankfully wasn't too bummed.

3) I'm thinking about naming the baby after things that are important to us right now. For me, that's Zantac, body pillow, and gum.  For the others, it's garage, basketball, and Legos.

4) I stepped down hard on a Lego creation placed on the stairs in the dark and cut my foot. "BENNNNYYYYY!!! What have we told you?"  The Legos had a time-out for a day, to much weeping and wailing.

5) Andrew can recite whole stories to himself as he turns the pages of his books.  If you read them out loud to him and pause, he'll fill in the blank with the right word. Right now his favorites are Thomas the Tank Engine stories, but he also loves Arthur books and "One Sneaky Sheep." It's so darn cute, even though it is annoying to read the same thing over and over and over.

Tuesday, April 9, 2013


I became bummed again recently when I heard that two more people I know are having baby girls this summer. I kind of looked up to the heavens like, "Oh, so you ARE sending down girls after all?"

But I keep having this feeling that this upcoming baby boy is not only going to be so so cute and sweet and chubby,  he's also going to be a great friend to his 3 older brothers. And he's going to be here sooner than I think!

With two months to go, I am anxious to 1) make stuff for him and 2) name him.

Like this owl hat:

And this moustache bib:

And I'm working on a blue and green garland/banner to put on his hospital bassinet and then hang up in his room. I can't wait!

When it comes to his name, the list is still long, but it's been fun to discuss names with the other boys. We seem to fall into some familiar themes: British royalty, Star Wars, Harry Potter, and Thomas the Tank Engine.

Dumbledore (that was Max and Benny's contribution)

Max has been telling everyone lately that the baby's name is Luke. Sometimes he says "Luke Vader Richards," but that ain't happening, sorry.

Friday, April 5, 2013

We Love Legos

One morning during Spring break, JB took the boys to Park City to a Lego exhibit. It was heaven for these three.

Andrew really did have fun, even though he can't seem to keep his eyes open for pictures these days.

They were so excited to tell me all about it when we all got home at lunch time -- me from the radio station, them from their adventure. "We drove a long way, mommy."  It's not that far, but I guess it was to them.

I really do think these boys would love a future in Lego construction. When they don't want to be police officers, firemen, or professional basketball players of course.

Monday, April 1, 2013


Egg hunts with cousins are fun.

I promise not to peek!

First though, you have to set some ground rules. Like the most visible eggs are for Andrew, and he gets a 30 second head start. After that, the rest can go in age order in 5 second intervals. Or just run all out at the same time.

The haul.