Saturday, March 31, 2012

On my mind, er, head

See that piece sticking out there to the side? Let me tell you about that.

I grow my hair long and wear glasses to avoid having to pay for hair cuts and contacts or go to the salon or eye doctor as often. This allows me to spend more time with my children. Or it just shows I'm lazy and cheap.

A few weeks ago we were at the $5 barber shop to give Andrew and JB another trim. I looked up on the wall, and saw they do ladies hair as well. Why not, I thought, these long locks are getting split-end-y. So I popped in a chair. She sprayed me down with water and started.

But my boys were getting restless, and I couldn't quite understand the barber-lady. I think it went like this:

Barber-lady: I cut your layers?

Me: Wha? Benny, don't go out the door.

Barber-lady: Ok. WHACK!

When I washed and styled it at home, I found a large chunk that is 3 inches or so shorter than the rest of my hair.

I couldn't go get it fixed back then -- that would take more time and money, and I felt foolish because I had just paid for a trim. JB says it looks fine, my sisters tell me it looks fine. I just keep using pins and clips to hide it.

But now I think it's time to go back to my sweet regular hair-cutter-salon-lady.

Wednesday, March 28, 2012


We spend every afternoon outside now, either in our backyard or in someone else's backyard. We take our walk every day and the boys basically look to see if their friends are outside. If those friends have a trampoline, even better! They run up and start tackling, and I chat with the moms. Win, win.

(Pssst, if those moms are reading this, bring your children over to our backyard to make it fair.)

I put up the hammock in our backyard, and my boys love it.

I sing "Rock-a-bye-baby" to them as I gently swing them. They eat it up. But those lyrics are kind of disturbing. "When the bough breaks, the cradle will fall"?!

Anyway, Max also loves to do flips on our swing set. He had done about 30 by the time I took this video, so he's a little tired and his pants are slipping.

I'm just loving this weather. I think it also helps the boys' behavior. They get so much fresh air, exercise and sunshine that they are worn out when they come back inside!

Sunday, March 25, 2012

Soccer starts!

This 4-year-old is very excited that soccer has started again. He scored at least 4 goals on Saturday, including one in the opposite goal.

This 6 1/2-year-old now plays on the big field. He was pretty tired of running after their game.

Each Saturday the times are different, but yesterday they played at the same time on fields next to each other, so JB and I kept switching and turning to see each boy. Oh, and we also spent a lot f time chasing our third boy, who grabbed any loose soccer ball he could find:

He's the exact same age Benny was when Max started playing soccer in this very fieldhouse at three years old. I forgot how much energy 15 month old boys have! We all took naps Saturday afternoon.

Max and Benny's teams ended up with the same color uniform, which they found cool -- and, they each randomly were assigned number seven, which they found very cool.

Sunday, March 18, 2012

Fugal 182 reunion!

On Saturday my freshman year BYU rooommates and I got together for the first time in years. I can't believe how quickly it all came together -- and I can't believe how wonderful it was to see these amazing gals again. We were only missing Lexie (and missed her very much!). But she now lives in Denver with her family, so we hope to all get together again when she visits Utah.

Back row: Me, Allyson. Front row: Kelly, Jodi, Barbara.

We met at Allyson's house, and she was so nice to host us with all of our children. And we have multiplied! Just think if Lexie were in this picture, too, with her 4 children. Jodi has 4, I have 3, Barbara has 3 (4 in May!), Kelly has 2 and Allyson has 2. Beautiful, beautiful families. And great husbands, though they are not in the picture. They were the photographers.

Andrew also liked Allyson's backyard swing by the way.

The kids all got along and played like crazy. It was hard to leave at the end of the night. I just couldn't have asked for better roommates for my first year of college. They helped me grow and learn and laugh and just blossom.

We read some predictions we all made that year. They were so darn funny. I wish I could go back to my 18-year-old self and tell her, "Don't worry! It will all turn out so great!"

Until next time, ladies.

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

More outside

We can't help following this boy around with a camera. He LOVES to be outside. He can explore, and eat stuff like pinecones.

These following pictures could be in a different order, and you would see the process of climbing up to our deck or back down to the ground.

Oh come here, little bum!

Friday, March 9, 2012

Status Updates

-You know it's a good dinner when it makes it into your son's bedtime prayers (in this case, JB's homemade pizza).

-If I ever quit working full time and JB goes back to an office all day, I may have to learn how to cook. But JB is sooooo good at it!

-But if I did quit, I could watch shows in the evening again instead of having to go to bed early. Right now I catch up with the DVR through a couch potato night on Friday.

-I'm a terrible procrastinator. I also forget things I mean to do. Like visit teaching, planning vacations, scheduling (hair, doctor) appointments, answering emails/voicemails, deciding about BYU football tickets and putting away laundry.

-Laziness rules much of my decision making.

-By the time I finally get around to watching Downton Abbey or The Voice, making a garland or wreath, decorating with Chevron stripes or wearing Toms, the fads will be over.

-Pinterest is my obsession. But the boards I follow make me want to have a baby girl and sew EVERYTHING for her, pin my hair up in elaborate braids and twists, and decorate cakes.

-I should use Pinterest for other uses.

-Chocolate chips from Costco are the best snack.

-I never want to move. We have way too much stuff to ever pack. And JB and I like this neighborhood too much.

-With most things the boys ask me for, I'm easy-going or non-committal. "We'll see." "Hmm, that would be nice." "Maybe if you still want that robotic singing hamster Jedi truck by Christmas you could get one." But when they ask for a dog I say, "Nope. Never. Not going to happen. Not no-how no sirree bobby." I don't care how many times they say they would take care of it, I know I would end up taking care of even more poop around here.

-My boys are cute when they beg. Mwuahahahahaha.

Monday, March 5, 2012


Every day we go for a walk after dinner.

So about 4:30.

We have to remind the boys (mainly Benny) of our walk rules before we set out.

Every day.

The rules: No racing, whining, crying or refusing to pedal any farther.

But look at that face. How could he give anyone any trouble?

Max is very patient and lets Benny "win" to each corner. He also likes to do tricks like no hands, standing up or riding side-saddle on his bike. He needs a taller bike because he won't stop getting taller.

This face makes me want to stop the stroller and kiss his cheeks. But I try to keep a good pace going so I refrain.

When we have made our rounds of the neighborhood and make it back to the garage, sometimes Andrew grabs a basketball.

Sometimes he tries to palm two at a time.

And often, his biggest brother helps him out.

It's how we roll.