Friday, April 14, 2017

Spring Break-Legoland Discovery Center Kansas City

All too soon it was Tuesday morning and time to pack up. Here is the last picture we took at my parents' house before loading up the rental van.

I can't believe our trip is over and we are so far away from my family again. I had such a good time with them. Granted, the scent in the laundry room and the sight of Carob Chips in the pantry sent me zooming back to the stresses of tween-dom, but the rolling green hills and big blue sky and laying in the grass with my children, and laughing with JB on the long drives, and talking with my sisters, brothers and parents was just....nice. So nice.

Tuesday before our flight we drove back 1 1/2 hours to downtown Kansas City, where I had media passes to the LegoLand Discovery Center. This I knew the boys would love, because they had been in Lego withdrawal for 5 days.

It has several rooms and stations of different Lego activities. Design and build your own, Batman, car racing, Endor, etc.  Even bins of Duplos for Millie-girl:

These old friends greeted us first.

The boys with some of their creations in the first room.

JB and Ben left dueling creations behind on the display wall.

There were two rides you could do over and over, and more. The boys could have spent much more time here, but we had to get the rental van back, then ride the shuttle back to the airport (I told Ben about being a cute baby on the shuttle from our trip in July 2009) then we had to get checked in then go through security etc etc.  Flying is a lot of hurry up and wait.

Our flight out of Denver didn't leave til 10 PM, so we had a LONG layover there. But, WiFi streaming and a headphone splitter jack meant movies and music could entertain the boys. And our girl crawled around and practiced pulling herself up on everything.  We didn't get home until midnight, complete with a full-on screaming meltdown from James who I guess woke up mid-REM cycle when we landed. The loud crying lasted from the plane until his bed.

In the middle of all that crying, JB told the other boys, "Wasn't that trip fun? We'll never do it again!"  But all in all they were wonderful travelers and I am so grateful they could get to know my family and Missouri better.

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collette richards said...

It seems Heavenly you got to spend so much time with your family