Friday, November 28, 2014

Future besties

Andrew and James each had a fever recently, it lasted a few days. Then James got a whole mouthful of molars at once. He barely ate, didn't sleep well, and wanted to be held a lot for a few days.

But James had "up" moments. So Andrew tried to feed him crackers.

And they both tried painting in their jammies one morning.

Andrew will often come hold James's hand, and lately James will really get the giggles at something Andrew is doing. I am glad they have each other, just like Max and Benny love hate have each other.

Thursday, November 13, 2014


I read a study a few years ago out of BYU, that said having a sister helped boys' self-esteem and empathy, especially in their teens. I fretted for a while again about how my boys don't have a sister. But I was relieved to read a new study this past week from BYU as well, that showed that a sibling -- even a brother -- helps boys just as much.

So, good. My boys each have three brothers to help them grow up happy and well-adjusted.

Until they fight.

This week a lady I was interviewing for a story, told me she read another study that looked at the happiest or most peaceful combinations of siblings. She said two girls was the most harmonious (really?), and it decreased until it got to 4 boys second-to-last, then 4 girls at the bottom of the list. Four girls apparently will argue too much, possibly over bathroom usage. Though my house and I want to point out that four boys can argue over bathrooms, too. And everything else. We've had several talks about how each member of our family can add to or take away from the peace in our home.

So I like to catch moments like this. James toddled up to Max and launched himself onto his lap, but Max patiently held him and continued doing his homework, talking to James about what he was doing. Max was in the hallway so that he could ask me questions while I was perched on the bathtub's edge trying to coax a poop out of Andrew. (Back to bathroom usage).

Then I found this picture of Max and Benny on my phone.

I thank Heavenly Father for sweet brotherly love moments like these.  Because we need more.