Friday, November 30, 2012

The town crier

I don't think many people, at least at church, check blogs anymore.  One still does; she said congratulations at church to me for my pregnancy news that I posted on here last week.

As I was smiling and saying thanks, all of a sudden 4 other women were right there surrounding me. "What's this?! You're pregnant? How exciting!"  I swear they came out of nowhere. I think women have a radar for this kind of news.  One said she suspected after I pinned something on Pinterest. and she thought she saw me discreetly spitting.  We really are a gossiping, wondering bunch, aren't we?

We told our boys last week at the 12 week mark.  Max squealed and danced, Benny immediately drew a picture of a baby, and Andrew kept playing with his trains ("What are those big ones all talking about? Oh well. Choo Choo!").

Now Max has taken it upon himself to tell anyone and everyone he sees. His teachers, his friends, people in the store....  We take a walk around the neighborhood each day, and three or four times in the past week we have run into someone we know in their yard or walking from their car to their home -- each time he practically yells our news.  It's different every time:

"We're having a BABY!"

"My mom is PREGNANT!"

"There's a baby IN THERE!"

No hello first, no howdoyado.

Oh well, it makes it easier to let people know without bringing it up in conversation.  And ye olde bigger pants have come out, so I'm sure more people would have been questioning soon. That and the spit. I get so tired of chewing gum.

Friday, November 23, 2012

A hint

Did you know....

1) Excessive spit and saliva is called Ptyalism? (Tie-a-lism)

2) It's only seen in Parkinsons, Rabies, mercury poisoning and pregnancy

3) It can happen in a subsequent pregnancy

4) 6-7-13 is a great due date, not only because the math adds up, but because it's the anniversary of the first date JB and I went on.

Monday, November 19, 2012

The Natural History Museum

This has been sitting unpublished in my list of posts! I have so many more posts unpublished in my head. But then I just put on my jammies pants and lay on the couch.

So, in September, we went on the free day to the Utah Museum of Natural History with cousins Emily and Jane. They were with Aunt Suzanne and Uncle Seth after their new baby brother was born.

Andrew had a love/hate relationship with the stuffed spider at one of the interactive areas.

The kids tried breakdancing on the glass over a dinosaur dig.

Then, a few weeks later, I was given the opportunity to do a radio story previewing the Museum's Family Sleepover events. They invited me and my older boys to check out the activities.

We pretended Max was a fossil found in the mountains, and carefully wrapped him up to transport.

Then we transported him carefully down the mountain. He wanted to do this over and over. It about broke my back.

Benny did it, too. They also made their own fossils out of clay, threw paper airplanes from the balcony, and more. The museum showed us where families could put their sleeping bags in the galleries, and we took a flashlight tour and had a snack. If you have the money, it would be a fun event for a family.

Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Family Pictures

I can't stop smiling when I see these pictures of my boys.

We went to Wheeler Farm two weeks ago with Kristy Merrill Photography.  She was FANTASTIC.  She was sweet, goofy, funny, creative -- and it all worked! The boys laughed and smiled the entire time -- no meltdowns, no "SMILE, OR ELSE!" moments. 

Max is getting so tall, my 7-year-old son.

That picture sums up Benny I think. So enthusiastic. Always on the go!

I just melt for those blue eyes. Can you believe he's almost 2 years old?

And here's the whole family:

I think the boys' daddy has some melty-blue eyes, too.  Nine year anniversary tomorrow!

Saturday, November 10, 2012

Andrew takes requests

Just kicking back on a Saturday morning, wearing any gloves or hat he can find (obsessed boy), Andrew started singing his three favorite songs.

This is Sweet Caroline.  Sometimes he really sings it passionately and loudly.

This is We Will Rock You.

And the more traditional ABCs. Though he got tired of singing and more curious about what I was doing with the phone pointed at his face.

Sunday, November 4, 2012


When I say "We carved pumpkins" I really mean, "JB carved pumpkins."  With some artistic direction and help, of course.

That hat Andrew is wearing I actually made for my new nephew. It was for him to grow into. When Andrew saw it, he promptly put it on his head, stretched it out to be comfortable, and hasn't wanted to take it off since.

JB put candles in them for Halloween night. I had a fear that a child or our house would burn down, but neither did (I know, paranoid from working in the news).

We had a basketball player, a dragon, and batman.

Andrew wasn't sure of the costume or of picture taking before, but once he realized he was getting treats at every house, he quickly caught on to the whole idea.

Batman even tried out being a vampire for a while.

And this handsome one dribbled his basketball from house to house.

It was surprisingly a very fun night! No meltdowns like last year. Lots of pep talks, cold water, and comfortable shoes helped. And that was mainly for me, bahahahaha.   Now what to do with all the candy! You can freeze it, right?