Thursday, February 18, 2016

Provo City Center Temple

Last Thursday we went to the open house for the new Provo City Center Temple. 

We had heard of people in long lines, but our experience wasn't bad -- except for James, who squawked for a drink of water all through the first video presentation, and then refused the white booties and so we couldn't put him down, and he only wanted me to carry him. He's chunky.  I convinced him that daddy was stronger for the big staircases.

Our three older boys were quite taken by the beauty of the inside. They wanted to know more about each room, but the line kind of shuffles through too fast for you to linger and whisper-discuss. Maxwell said he felt the spirit in the celestial room, and it brought tears to my eyes, too, to be there with my family.

We told Andrew about how the temple used to be the Provo Tabernacle, but it caught fire the day I went into labor with him.  In the morning I was reporting on the news of the fire, that night I was at the hospital. Then he was fascinated by the fire aspect, and sad it had burned down. So we talked about how wonderful it was to have a new temple now.

I helped film some shots there for KBYU while in college, and went to a concert or two. And six years ago this month, aunt Sarah graduated from nursing school there. M&B didn't remember going but here is a picture from inside:

We drove by BYU on the way back home, and I pointed out some of the places I lived. JB drove us by his old shoe store by Apollo Burgers, near the stadium. It's changed hands a few times and is now a book store of some sort. Very good memories for all of us.

Monday, February 15, 2016

Jr Jazzers

Maxwell and Benjamin just finished another successful season of Jr Jazz basketball.  They know their records (near undefeated, they claim), and they always kept score in their heads when the official scorekeeper stopped.  If a team gets to a certain strong lead they don't want the losing team to feel bad!

We have really liked each coach, and have been with them for a few cycles of basketball now, with more to come.

At Ben's last game, I gave Andrew the phone.  Here's the best action shot:

But the rest of my camera roll was full of:
-chin shots of me talking to my friend or looking out on the court.
-a play-by-play of James taking off his shoes and reclining on the floor
-the toys I brought
-the ceiling lights and American flag
-Andrew's face. The one of his tongue you do not need to see.

Saturday, February 13, 2016


I was at the doctor's yesterday for my monthly pregnancy checkup, and do you know what was surreal and so nice? Referring to the baby as "she" and "her." I have had 11 years of boy pregnancies so switching the pronoun makes me pause....and smile. There was a time I never thought that would happen, even up until a month ago.

Do you know what is also really nice? Feeling better. Being at peace. Being done with old sadnesses. Being OVER it.

Feeling better again means I've had a month of making things for baby girlies in the family and neighborhood to give away, and of course for this baby when she comes in July. (She!)

I've made even more bows and clips since that picture. I learned how to crochet bonnets last year when I practiced making one for my new niece, and now I am doing that again. Still tweaking the pattern on the top, but here are pictures of some of the creations I have gifted:

July seems so far away!

Tuesday, February 9, 2016

Lovely thoughts

I just have to brag a bit on my 10 1/2 year old Maxwell. He gave a 3 minute talk in the general session of Stake Conference on Sunday in front of at least 1,000 people. More in the overflow rooms. 

He stayed on the stand the whole time, so polished and handsome in his suit and tie. He didn't look nervous at all (though later he said he was), and he spoke clearly and strongly into the microphone, pausing at the right moments, looking up and around before down again at his paper just like a seasoned church speaker.

He spoke on growing your faith in Jesus Christ.  This is the boy who was so nervous and shy at 5 years old during the yearly primary program that he flat-out refused to even sit on the stand with the rest of his primary class, let alone say his one line.

So many people have called or texted or left notes to say how much they enjoyed his talk.  We practiced a lot, and videoed it on the phone for him to watch back. It's good to pass my radio reporting experience on. He afterward told me that the other two speakers after him spoke too fast or too soft (I agreed) so he was glad he had practiced so much. 

It's one of the things we listed on last night in our Valentine's Day Family Home Evening. We took turns saying things we loved about each family member and wrote them down on hearts. For Max, I said how brave and confident he is getting.  For Ben, how smart and friendly. Andrew - so energetic and happy. James - so cuddly.  Daddy - sacrificing so much time for our family and church.

The other boys tried to get goofy, saying they loved how snotty-nosed or poopy James can get (6 little ones a day). So I changed that to say, "James doesn't let things like a runny nose or dirty diaper get him down." Gotta find the positive.

We hung the hearts up to see on display all the good things we love about our family.

What, have I not shown you this before? It's just us partying at a church stake big band night last year around this time.  Music, soda fountain, cookies, costumes. I figured a post with a picture is always nice. And I didn't get one of Max on Sunday after Stake Conference to mark the occasion. Next time!

Thursday, February 4, 2016

Stapled (again)

Andrew is such an active 5-year-old. He runs, jumps, bounces and hops his way through life. We are constantly telling him not to run in the house, but alas, he cannot do it. Well, actually, the only time he DOES slow down is when we want him to do something, like put on his shoes to go somewhere or get jammies on for bed. Then he is quite the turtle.

Last Wednesday I heard a crash from the hallway by the bedrooms and immediately Andrew was crying. No one saw it, but we think he was running out of his room, slipped on the wood floor and hit the strike plate of the door jam on the side of his head. I put an icepack on it and cuddled him, then when I moved the icepack I saw the blood and the gash.

JB (just like last time with Max's gash) knew it needed staples.  Sweet and concerned Max offered to go to the InstaCare with me to help. I think deep down he was quite curious to see what it looked like to have the staples put in.

We waited something like 45 minutes for the numbing gel to really take effect -- or they forgot about us in that little area behind the screen, which I find doubtful because Andrew chatted away the whole time. Remember the line in Anne of Green Gables about her fall off the roof not affecting her tongue? Yeah. Same thing here.

Then they wrapped him all up in a sheet like a burrito so he wouldn't wiggle -- which he didn't by the way, he was so good -- and he was so cute. He got 8 staples close together on his right temple.

He took the doctor's words very seriously and was super careful all week. If James started to wrestle with him Andrew would yell, "James is trying to hurt my staples!" He also worried about washing his hair.

Yesterday we went back to get them out (another long wait). Max walked over to the side to watch again, and the nurse asked Andrew if he wanted to hold his brother's hand. So all three brothers lined up and held his hands! I melted. Then I grabbed my phone to take pictures.

Ben is closest to the front in red, Max in the middle, and the little blue hood on the end belonging to the tiniest hand is James.

This care for their brother is just the sweetest thing. Boys can be so rough and tumble, but so tender-hearted. The two olders want to make sure he stays safe, because they've had plenty of tattle-tale moments this week making sure the parentals knew "Andrew is running again! Andrew, you will crack your head open again!'