Saturday, September 13, 2014

What baby likes

James likely the Legos.

He likes them so much, he tries to eat them every chance he gets.

See that yellow Lego head in his mouth?

Don't worry, he didn't choke. We are constantly after the big boys to pick up Legos, but Andrew the three-year-old mischief maker tracks them everywhere like cookie crumbs.

Baby James also likey the remote control.  And any phone. And any laptop. He'll sneak up on ya, grab it, then giggle his head off as he tries to push buttons.

James also likes to walk now. He's still unsteady on his feet, like a drunk pirate, but he's trying those hind legs more and more now. 15 months ain't bad, it's when Max was walking and it beats me, my mom says.

Recognize these pajamas from Benny's first birthday? We repeat cuteness around here.

When it starts to get chillier at night he's going to wear them more, because he kicks off his covers. It's the worst when he's nurse-sleeping beside me at naptime and nightime and he kicks off the covers, because then I get cold.

So that's the other main thing that James REALLY likes. Nursing. And co-sleeping. But I still like it, too. Ccan't I keep my last baby a baby for a little while longer?

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Rachelle said...

Of course you can! Give that curly haired angel a kiss from me.