Wednesday, May 3, 2017

Soccer goals

We tried to help 3 3/4 year old James set some goals to make some goals. We offered him an ice cream cone, in the hopes that it would encourage him to be out on the field with his team and kick the ball.

In retrospect, maybe that wasn't the best idea. Because when he didn't make a goal right away ("The others keep kicking it!") he gave up right away. Why even try anymore? 

But during his game right afterward, 6 year old Andrew took the prize idea and ran with it. He hustled and ran and got in the scrum over and over, and when he made a goal we all went crazy clapping. And then he did his celebration pose.

He's dabbing. Older brothers taught him.

JB took him to get his treat, and offered him a choice of one cone from the ice cream store, or they could go to the grocery store and get ice cream and cones for the brothers, too. Andrew chose to share his prize and his brothers were very happy later. And we have more in the freezer.

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