Monday, December 15, 2014

Christmas with the Muppets

You guys....I met Santino Fontana and Elmo in person and they were soooo nice. Sometimes my reporter and mom worlds collide in such a nice way. 

My amazing little/big brother Joe and his also-amazing wife Susan hooked us up with four tickets to the high-demand Mormon Tabernacle Choir Christmas Concert with Santino Fontana and the Seasame Street Muppets. We met them there yesterday morning.

My phone is full of these kinds of pictures, taken while waiting Sunday morning at the Conference Center before the broadcast began.

Their faces when Big Bird came out were so priceless. Especially because they had been waiting for so long for that part of the program, and had been fighting over the treats I had in my pocket. Equity-conscious Benny pouted for a while until the music began.

It was so so much fun. I am very grateful for the tickets, and my mother-in-law for watching clingy baby James, and for JB being such a good sport about missing it because he has busy Bishop tithing settlement duties this time of year.

I'm also grateful the folks in charge told me I could bring Andrew. Usually it's 8 and up only, this year they lowered it to 5 years old because of the Muppets...but I asked at the press event about a 4 year old, and they said sure.

I was sent to the press conference Friday morning for work. When my boss assigned me, I did a mental heel click and fist pump.  Here's the picture I took of the crew answering questions on the Conference Center stage:

Santino Fontana is best known these days as the voice of Hans on "Frozen."  My favorite part was when another reporter half-giggling told him he had a chocolate voice.  "Chocolate voice!" he said. "That's going to be the name of my next album."

We reporters were given specific guidelines about interviewing the Muppets: You interview the Muppet, not the puppeteer, and they are REAL, don't treat it otherwise. I had 20 minutes of tape by the end, and a 35 second story for the radio. But the rest is memories.

I have a sneaking suspicion that while the concert was supposed to be for the kids to have fun, the parents may have had more fun.