Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Highlights of our Fourth

Our activities involved wheels, water and fire, so we had such a great time!

First off, was the annual neighborhood bike/trike/scooter/stroller parade. (Here's the picture from 3 years ago. How fast they grow!) I'm glad I brought the frontpack because baby Andrew got restless in the jogging stroller waiting for the parade to start, and Benny got restless on his trike. So into the stroller went Benny, the trike got attached to the side, and the baby went into the frontpack for the long walk. Max did great on his bike.

At the end of the parade, we parked the wheels and went along to the booths getting cotton candy and sno-cones. Then the fire truck that came along hooked up the hose to the hydrant and did a HUGE spray into the air. As it came down, the arc landed exactly on the spot where our stroller and bikes were. Soaked 'em. It was a squishy ride back home. But Max loved the hose-rain-storm.

Max and JB stopped for one more sno-one, as the baby and Benny and I kept trudging along. Then a neighbor drove up in his golf cart and offered us a ride. There was just enough room. I will never forget Max's face as he turned around with his treat and saw me facing backwards, holding his two younger brothers and pulling away in the golf cart. When he and JB got home only 3-5 minutes later he was sooooo mad. "Unfair!" he yelled.

We went swimming with friends from noon to 4PM (the same from this post) This was really fun. Andrew loved splasing in the water in our arms. Benny was brave enough after a while to go down the slide, jump in from the side, and swim about 2 feet to someone else without help. And by the end of our time in the pool Max let go of the side! He still had floaties on and was clinging to a noodle, but it was a big step for him. I think it's time for swimming lessons again....

We had some poppers and sparklers and played with those outside. Max burned his finger -- I think he touched an ember -- and ran inside without me knowing what had happened. JB found him there. I think he was embarrassed about it, because we had given such strong warnings before hand about being safe. It just goes to show how quickly something can happen, but I'm glad it's just a tiny burn and nothing worse.

We had the boys try to take late naps so they could stay up for the Sugarhouse fireworks show at 10 PM. I had to work early so the baby and I went to bed at 8:30 PM, but JB says the boys did great in the evening and loved the huge fireworks in the sky. Benny slept in until 7:30 this morning and Max until 8. A new record!

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Bekah said...

I love the pictures of Max in the water. He's so happy!

Your boys are early risers. I remember last Thanksgiving they sat in their doorway watching the clock. Max was whispering loudly to Benny, "No, it doesn't say 7 yet!" even though it was actually 7:15 and their clock was slow. When I got up to use the bathroom at 7:20 the floodgates burst. Max said "I can't hold it anymore!!!" and ran upstairs with Benny not far behind. Hilarious.