Saturday, July 2, 2011

Me + KSL = 9 years

I know it's not a 10th anniversary, but still, I can't believe I've been at KSL Newsradio for 9 years this July (side note -- on Memorial Day I marked 2 years doing the news for FM 100 as well!)

Almost all of those years have involved producing or reporting for the morning news, meaning a wake-up call between 2:30 and 3:30 AM, depending on the assignment. But I'm done at lunchtime.

I have had such amazing experiences. Here are some of the people I've met and interviewed, or at least been very close to in a gaggle of other reporters. I put a link when I could find it.

(Don't worry, it's not name-dropping if they don't remember you. Seriously Donald, you never call, you never write.)

Michael Phelps
Nick Lachey
Andy Serkis
David Archuleta
Tom Ridge
Donald Rumsfeld
Lynn Cheney
Jon Huntsman Jr
M. Russell Ballard
Orrin Hatch, Bob Bennet, Olene Walker, Gary Herbert, and various mayors, lawmakers, etc

I've done stories in cities from Springville to Layton, from Tooele to Park City -- and Haiti.

I've put my microphone in front of dogs, cats, chickens and sheep. Oh, and reindeer.

The stories that ALWAYS get me: troop farewells and homecomings, and tragedies involving children.

Lately I've been doing more for KSL TV and the Deseret News. I also try to Tweet and Facebook for work. Who knows what new challenges are in the future!


Suz said...

They are lucky to have you:) Wish we were closer so I could hear you every morning on the radio.

autumn said...


Do you remember when I drove you there in a total weird/sleepy haze? I might have ran a red light.

They are so lucky to have you and I love hearing you when I do the preschool drop off!

P.S. We must celebrate our birthdays! - Autumn

Jared and Allyson said...

Wow - that's amazing! I love it when I hear you on the radio or catch a glimpse every once in a while. I even brag, "hey, that's my old college roommate, Mary." Kind of sad when that's my claim to fame, but I'll take it. :)

You're the best! Keep up the great work.

JoLynn said...

Wow...what a great list of people you have interviewed. I'm totally saying that KSL is SOOOO lucky to have you.