Sunday, June 14, 2015

Andrew soccer

This was Andrew's first soccer season, yippee. And it went kind of like Max's first soccer season.  We kept telling Andrew to "Kick the ball! Kick it!" and he finally told me, "But dey won't wet me haf a turn." 

Here's some video of one of his first games. He's number 6, at the very back of the pack.

His last game he actually got a few kicks in, and I believe he got it to go into the (other team's) goal.  Max was encouraging him to go for it by yelling to him, "You can play with my Lego sets!"

Though most of the season his favorite spot was by his bestie Cory, talking about dinosaurs or alligators or boogers.

Here's our Gold Monarch (not sure who chose that) showing off his trophy from the end of the season. 

Andrew all week long would ask if it was time time for soccer that day. I think he liked having something of his own, after watching the older boys play various sports for a while. He still sometimes mentions that he misses soccer and preschool now that they are both well over.

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Brooke said...

I love that they talked about dinosaurs, alligators and boogers. One of the moms picked the name for the team (I wish she hadn't). It would've been fun to hear what the kids would've come up with.