Sunday, July 1, 2012

One decade

(I giggled throughout that photo shoot. I kept hearing Tyra Banks in my head)

I've been working for KSL Newsradio now for one decade. 10 years on July 1. Here's a post from last year where I talked about some of the big and cool stories I've done.

But lately, I've had random and interesting assignments. People ask me, "How's work going?" and I say, "You know what, despite going to bed when it's still light outside, it's not bad."  In the past month, I've done stories on barefoot running,  mommy bloggers, orienteering competitions, hit the gym if you want a raise, homeschooling, unique summer camps, a teen chess champion, and Instagram.  Much less stressful than crime and grime headlines, that's for sure.

Last month I won two second place awards at this year's Society of Professional Journalists event. Aw shucks. If you are so inclined, here they are:

Dirty Band Instruments (I even did a TV version)

Bringing Out the Bully parts one and two:

Ten years ago I was a bright-eyed, bushy tailed, one-year out of college girl who loved living downtown and working in a newsroom.  Now I'm a married mom of three who loves living in a brick house and still loves working in a newsroom.

Sometimes I feel tired and burned out of the news, but for now, I'm still going strong.  The main reason? My amazing family who is patient with me -- and my incredible husband JB.  He cooks and grocery shops better than I can, he irons, he cares for our boys in the morning while still working as a mortgage loan officer (or as I tell the boys, "Daddy helps people know how to pay for their homes.")

Everything is good for now!


Brooke said...

I admire you and your cute family! I don't know how you do it all. You are so amazing! When I start to feel bad for myself because I'm overwhelmed with work and taking care of the home and baby, I ALWAYS think of you and your positive attitude! You are so wonderful!

Rachelle said...

Happy anniversary! There is nothing nicer than knowing that people you love are happy in their lives. I love that you guys are!