Sunday, October 30, 2016

We're walking, we're walking

I have used this very post title before, first here in 2011 when my first two boys were the same age as my last two boys.  And the challenges are similar. Energetic younger boy, anxious older boy.  Except they don't fight for who goes first down the sidewalk, because we now have a strider/pedaless bike.

And James can go fast.  It's something I wish we had years ago. Andrew has training wheels and just never wants to try the strider bike.

He sometimes just walks beside me instead. But we both worry about James when he gets to the corner. One street in particular is busy. Millie loves walks. JB often goes in the mornings, too. Ugh, she's so cute in this picture that I can't stand it. I miss her when we are apart.

I used this post title again in 2014 to lament not being able to really get a good heart rate.  Sometimes I think I have been in this stage forever, of pushing strollers and encouraging fledgling bike-riders, and it is no where near over. But I am working on changing my thinking on this. What an amazing opportunity to have young kids who want to go walking with me. They won't be little forever. Max and Ben sometimes come along, but they spend time with friends or shooting hoops or raking leaves or doing increasing loads of homework. Soon this will be the case with all my children...and then they will be gone. Sniff sob.

James Herriott wrote in one of his books about how his boy would go on rounds with him to the farms, and how grateful he was that he got to experience it twice with his daughter. I can feel the same way about so many things. I am able to experience childhood several times over as my babies grow up.

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