Saturday, August 6, 2016

Max is 11

Nine days after baby Millie was born, Maxwell David turned 11 years old. I have had a lot of flashbacks to his newborn days, perhaps because this new little blonde head and face looks like my first baby, and because of the July weather. I remember how awestruck we were to have a brand new baby to take care of, and the shock we were in, and the sweetness of each new milestone.

Milestones are still sweet when it comes to parenting this boy.

Many thanks to Scott and Kristi for bringing a delicious cake to Sunday dinner and letting us put candles in it to sing to Max. I had every intention of making a birthday cake decorated any way that Max wanted....but then I would fall back asleep. 

On his birthday itself he was busy all day, with Cub Country scout day camp, then his first meeting with the 11-year-old scouts that evening. In the morning we gave him gifts of a Gordon Hayward Jazz jersey, sandals, a pocket knife and a headlamp. Happy face!  In between his activities we went to In-N-Out for hamburgers -- his favorite food and possibly his favorite version, too.

This was our first outing with the baby and as a family of 7.  She did great, sleeping through the whole thing. The 5 and 3 year olds were a bit loud. I think they have gone stir-crazy at home.

Max is a great big brother. I always wanted a boy first, because I thought it would be great for the other children to have a big brother. He is responsible (he has had several watering jobs around the neighborhood, and can babysit for us for short periods of time), he is thoughtful, and he anxiously looks out for his younger siblings around streets and parking lots, etc.   He is opinionated about the foods and treats he likes, and the kind of socks and shorts he wants to wear.  He wants to be in the NBA someday and why not?

Happy birthday, Max!


Rachelle said...

Happy birthday, Max!

Brooke said...

Max is great! I hope he had a fantastic birthday!

Valeri said...

Max has the most contagious smile! I'm glad he had a happy birthday, and how special that he and Millie share the same birthday month! Chloe and Ryan were both born in November and I remember reminiscing when he was born for the same reasons you described.