Friday, July 10, 2009

Kansas City 2

While at Bekah's house the boys played outside with the hose. Well, Max played. Benny curled up and cried when he was sprayed.

Last Friday night, July 3rd, we went to a Royals baseball game. The boys' first MLB game. It was really fun. They made it all the way through to the fireworks at the end. The Royals aren't so good this year (or most years) so the game went fast. And it was dollar hotdog night!

Watching the fireworks:
Some tidbits: The orange band on Max's hand came from the Target pharmacy (where I got all my meds to breath around the cats). If you'll notice Benny doesn't last long without his binkie and "night-night." I hoped by bringing them to the game he would fall asleep in my arms but there was just too much to look at.


Sarah Preston said...

I bet Max loved all those hot dogs! It looks like your trip was alot of fun!

Sarah said...

I think you sister looks just the same as when I last saw her-back in College-What is up with your family-do they age???? I think you are all frozen in time! Anyway...I liked the family picture taken at the ballpark. Looks like a fun time. You are more adventurous then us-we are still waiting to take our kids to a night time ballgame.

Suz said...

I miss the boys! I love the picture of Max trying to drink from the hose. CLASSIC!