Monday, July 10, 2017


This was the view recently when I came home from work.

Sometimes I have to finish up something from home, so I do it with one hand while feeding baby sister. She likes to nurse as soon as I get home.

Lest you think it is just me multi-tasking, JB sent me a sweet picture this morning of Millie on his chest. He often types one-handed, too! Bishoping and loan-officer-ing.

Curious/tenacious/stubborn 4 year old James can often be a big helper, but other times he just likes to be like Wreck it Ralph. So folding laundry can be a challenge. He either helps, or he runs through it laughing.  One day I had several loads to put away, the big boys were at basketball with JB, and I knew the little boys needed something to do that wasn't outside in 100 degree weather. So I got out the paints and let them have the kitchen floor.

Thankfully it all mopped up quickly. I am not sure if it was worth the extra work to have the 15 minutes of quiet!

(This reminds me of this post mopping the floor with my first two little boys)

Speaking of laundry, I often do what we did growing up -- I put on a movie and get all the kids to help. Last time it was just me with a chick flick, and I did not pay attention to the socks sorting. JB and Max and Ben were hunting for their favorites in each others' sock drawers for a while. Max told me I should make a chart to keep them all straight!

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Rachelle said...

Socks and panties never make it to the right drawers after laundry day in our house!