Thursday, July 13, 2017

Me + KSL = 15 years

(April 2015, covering the departure of  the president on Air Force One at HAFB)

Whelp, I have been at KSL 15 years this month.  To celebrate, my alarm still goes off at 3:45 AM, I keep doing stories and they keep paying me.  Overtime for most of this week, in fact.

I was in a long court hearing Monday morning for three teens who killed a police officer, on Tuesday morning I covered a domestic violence press conference, and on Wednesday morning I was in a planning meeting for upcoming longer indepth stories on suicide.

Add that to the big fires and deadly accidents this summer and it has been pretty heavy lately. All I want to do is rush home and squish my baby girl and laugh with my boys and husband.

Reporters have to separate themselves from what's happening, or we would break down. I almost did on the banks of the Provo river where a 4 year old and her mom drowned in May.  I always remember the first body I saw in the middle of a street, probably 13 years ago where a motorcyclist hit a deer and died.  I will never forget covering the drunk-driving deaths of our bishop's family 10 years ago, or the Trolley Square shootings.  There's a spot on the cold, hard marble floor of the capital building where I sit every January-March covering legislative stories.

But I have had great stories, too, that I think have made an impact -- at least on me. Meeting nice people, interviewing officers and firefighters and folks trying to make a difference, kids doing good...those all collectively are the reason why I stay in the news business.

(picture from LDS Philanthropies copyright 2011)

I may get a certificate or cake or a bonus or another week of vacation for hitting 15 years, but at least I know my co-workers like me and I like them, and I still like telling stories on the radio.

And sometimes on TV and in the newspaper :)

(October 2015)

By the way, changes in structure of the different departments in the newsroom means my radio stories rarely appear on the main KSL-dot-com website, but if you go to my audio stories pop up there -- and we have a KSL Radio app where they should post, too. In case you were wondering.

Ok, time for my outcue.

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collette richards said...

Your quite the woman to be doing this 15 years with 5 kids! Happy 15, half way to retirement