Thursday, July 6, 2017

Fourth of July

 We love America! And our neighborhood tradition.

First came the pancake breakfast at 8 AM, then we came back to our house to kill time until lining up at 9:30. We piled Millie up with our decorations and took pictures of her in the grass.

This thing just gets larger and larger. Here we are in the crowd of bikes and scooters waiting for our turn to go.

JB decided to watch from the sidelines this year.  But it sure seemed like a lot more adults than kids were walking down the street -- and the trucks and cars that started it off were making Max and me nervous. We caught up to them, and I was watching Andrew and Max was watching James to make sure their little bodies didn't get lost or crushed.

Millie thought it was all white noise!

But she woke up at the end when the water from the fire truck came pouring down! I barely got the stroller out of the way but her feet and legs got wet.  Andrew and James liked it -- until they got cold! If you spot a boy in blue in the street in the picture below, it is Ben having a marvelous time.

We dried off with the popcorn and activities in the sun. And I was glad for the double stroller -- I put James's strider bike on it and he rode the long way home.

Then we basically stayed inside our air conditioned house all day, while JB smoked pork and brisket for the family BBQ that night. Before that dinner, we met good friends at 4 PM for yummy food, too, in their backyard.

Millie and I tried to go to bed like normal around 8:30 PM (I worked early the next morning), but this year Jamesy stayed up with his brothers to watch the fireworks at 10 PM.  I heard them all out the window -- the big show and the neighbors after that, as I drifted in and out of sleep.

The city does a huge fireworks show in the park just blocks from our house, and it can be seen from our friends' yard just around the block. JB says James and Andrew were running around all excited and hyper -- but about 15 minutes in, little J climbed into JB's lap and asked to go home. He was falling asleep as they walked home.  He normally goes to bed at 7:30 PM!  But with staying up late, did the little boys sleep in the next morning? Oh yes -- until a whopping 7:30 AM.

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