Friday, July 7, 2017

Cub Country and more campout stuff

JB went up one day to Cub Country with Ben in June. One day I should ask off work and go there to see the craziness.
9-year-old Bear Scout Ben has good friends in our ward and stake, and I hope he is a good friend to them (I get reports back that he is)

Right now JB is at another campout with 11-year-old scout Max. What would these boys do without their dad?? I can't/don't/won't camp much, I can't model how to be a good man and a father. I do read with them or play board games or watch movies. JB shows them how to enjoy the beautiful mountains we have nearby.

Here are a few more pictures from Dads and Kids recently that I found when JB's phone uploaded.

The terror twins asleep.

Ben's bedhead when he woke up.

Max the strong and brave!

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Rachelle said...

It was so fun to see your cute family today! We missed seeing Max and wish we could have chatted more. So glad that I got to meet Millie and give her a big hug before she reached back for JB!